Friday, March 03, 2006

To my dear friend
and his days in the sunny city

We were the night of the first gasp,
the first breath, the first light..
Stealing of the rain, moments of joy in the pain,
we forgot it all,
we took refuge behind the eyes,
the cold walls and the bleeding streets…
Melancholic and noble,
cowardice of love in a time of hate…
Humanity ceases when,
faced with the death of humanity

Facing the truth of times
and the insolence of nonexistence
In the pale face of destiny
and the dark age of the human resistance
The awe of tears in the presence of greatness
A life of fear and mundane persistence
she had her stories written on her face
rough lines juxtaposed with her grace
she committed dancing in the name of life,
oblivious to the days lost without a trace…

and she loved him.

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