Thursday, March 23, 2006


He had not been home for 3 days now. He always calls when he goes on trips.
She was worried. She kept trying to redirect her focus.
She kept trying to get rid of the kinks in his pants.
To her, he will always be a child.
She thinks,

He had not been home for 3 days.
His sisters were here with their kids. All the family is worried.
No one would say a word. They prayed he will be unharmed.
In his young years, he is unarmed.
She cooked his dinner like she always does. His coffee cup is still where he left it,
Along with his cigarettes and his glasses, He would not go far without his glasses.
She was distracted by her anger.
How dare he be so indifferent?

He had not been home for 3 days.
The door unlocks and he appears. He stood ashamed,
He stood shy and could not look into her eyes.
She was relieved to tears. She was too stubborn to take him into her arms.
He embraced her and asked for forgiveness. She would not forgive his act,

He had not been home for 3 days.
His sister followed him, She knew he was hiding something,
She hugs him, she startled him. What is the matter my darling?
She saw his injured back...
She saw they worked their whips into his dear back...
They whipped his childhood away that day,
They tortured his soul and robbed his spirit,
All had happened when,

He had not been home for 3 days,
They tell her and she runs to him,
She threw herself at his feet...
Forgive me my child...
I wish i could take the pain away,
How I wish it was me,
Oh God, how I wish it was me...

He was not himself that day,
He was never himself again,
They stole his dignity, his manhood, his heart
And he had not been home for fifteen years…
Had not been home all these years...


laila said...

i love those scenarios, even though this was a sad one. is this referring to the kidnappings back in the days?

Mirvat said...
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Ghassan said...

what rhythm you have in this one! it's very... staccato! short sharp stabbings with a knife!
(tenzakar w ma tenaad)

Mirvat said...

yes yes. thank you.