Friday, October 08, 2010

He's leaving .. On a midnight train ..

She made his morning coffee, and sat beside him
Would you stay longer, she asked..
No little girl I have to go,your flowers are wilting now.
but I’ll give you snow, she begged..
I have to go,
to where the air smells like a million treasures,
and the children play… to the green meadows .. to the land of oblivion..
he decided.
Cold in his posture, he gave her a kiss on the cheek
and they walked ..
she stood as the train left,
as she waved, he wept..
she smiled,
she knew she had planted her seed…
she knew she will haunt him forever…
First caresses of autumn calmly
sneak into her flesh this crisp morning …
Through curled lashes
she looks at the white
and wonders what happened to the blue,
as she waits for you,
to come home
Seasons have turned
She still has not unlearned
That this love remains and stands true
She digs out her old memories
Her old songs and stories
Her black box
Yours will always be untitled poems
Broken letters
Broken by time
She listens to her favorite singer and wonders
Was it truly unclear this woman
was on the verge of death
this world can be so blind
despair was hardly hidden in that woman's words
like love drips out of hers
She almost can smell your skin
Under the fresh morning dew
her chalk-white skin crumbles
of excitement of what is to come
and under the tree two more boxes
She tied her hair and tied her fate to yours
The day she loved you is the day she close all doors
once again living and giving …
and once again,
it takes the audacity of a woman
but sometimes it takes two ...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Still trying..
I promised Ghada to keep on at it and we decided with me her and Lirun we can bring this habit back!!
Someohow.. _Z is right, it felt as if i do not have anything to say in a while and i still might not have anything to say so i am turning this into a mere self indulgence space .. A therapy session .. When i first started this blog i called it Passing for Normal, after an old book that told the story of a woman suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. Though my compulsive habits do not take a debilitating form in my life, i tend to be more on the obsessive side and that does take its toll on me. When i do anything, it has to be full and consistent and complete. This is why during the war, i had to cover every single little event and show every picture there is on this site. This is why, when i do not have the time to blog, or the time to blog to the max, i stop all together. This is why when i am missing on some spices, i stop cooking all together.. and most importantly and severely, this is why when i work, i work all the time..
It had made me sad and just all around insane in my habits and my hours..
I will try to change and this right here is a start..
Writing this from scratch and with no spell check and with no end and no start

Friday, January 22, 2010

Bringing this thing alive ...
In my noncommittal phase, i am not fit to committ not even to a virtual space, so Q and A style, for you, for now ..
I think we are all hunters, men and women, contrary to the misconception .. That woman in the cave going over her options, mating with the strongest, the best at hunting, well isn't that hunting, isn't that selection and determining the species? Isn't that the biggest hunter of all? In the wild the female always chooses, sits back while the males face off .. she nitpicks and nests and lures and seduces.. she fluffs her feathers .. she bites heads when done with the mate.. Some female ducks even evolved complex genitalia to thwart unwelcome mating attempts, since mallards have the nasty habit of attemting to rape females .. In a nutshell, they set the terms and choose the appealing DNA and they are set on reproducing .. Is it a man's world? Or is it that all of us, men or women, males and females, have been equipped and have evolved to repopulate and propagate the species .. It seems that in these measures, males guard and protect the women, they guard and protect the guardians .. Women choose and use and go on with it .. So no one wants to committ anyway, females come off like they do because they are the guardians of the species and so need to organize the progeny .. The illusion that we need devotion, men or women, comes from pride ..
As for the second question, and if we agree that we are all hunters after all, i think we are moved by the challenge, an apple tastes better taken from the arms of a tree right? and so sadly might be misconstrued by the most addicted eternal hunters as the ultimate validation of one's skills ..

Pride that we could keep a mate just to ourselves, fear of aging alone.. valid reasons to seek out loyalty and commitment ..

Picking our apples from the tree, now that's just nasty ..