Wednesday, March 15, 2006


They say they lived a Fiesta,
only worked to take a siesta..
Bathing in San Remo for days,
Argentine Tango in moon rays..

Wining in the valley for hours,
teasing life sweet and sour..
They say she left him gasping,
stranded with dreams of the spring..

Vanished without a trace,
no keeping with her pace..
He roamed the poles for a flair,
of his rose who thinned in air..

She is rotten at heart they claim,
a femme fatale, a worldly dame..
She is a memory in his drawer,
and all is fair in love and war..

She is the flame in his heart,
they are not to be apart.
He hated her and always will,
her notion turns him ill..

He washed his sheets in vain,
her smell gave him pain..
I was just playing with rhyme,
if you're still reading,
you have too much time!!!


Fouad said...

We do have time, it's true
But not as much as you! :)

Mirvat said...

You’re not mistaken ya Fouad.
Saying what follows makes me sad,
the gift of time is a curse,
and to say it is even worse.
We play around with empty shells,
run forever from eternity bells.
Erring aimlessly in a world gone cold,
hoping to scrape our souls from the mold..
hahaha...i made you read again :)

Fouad said...

Yes Mirvat, I predictably did
And now I feel like a little kid :)

Mirvat said...

sorry :)

laila said...

i'll say this out loud,
you two make me proud
and now i'll head out
cos three is a crowd ;)

Mirvat said...

layoul, i knew you're cute
since we were buddies in beirut
stay or leave, it's your call
either way, you are a doll
but unlike dolls, you're no mute!

Ghassan said...

Writing about how you feel
Is becoming a big deal,
I read this and I squeal
That I became a fourth wheel!