Sunday, October 29, 2006

A voice of reason

Listen to my other favorite guy, Mike Malloy (Keith Olbermann being the first)

This is the podcast of his show on airamerica (where he used to speak before he got fired for speaking the truth) Thursday the 19th here and Friday the 20th here.

And Olbermann's take on the recently signed military commission's act.

Late news but can't be repeated enough.


Rhiannon said...

Oh yeah. People do indeed get fired when they say what they are NOT suppose to say about neocons and 'israel'.

That's nothing. What's worse is the smear campaigns of a person's name and reputation, if the zionist image-making industry sees fit to do so. SWIFTLY AND VICIOUSLY.

Mirvat said...

did you listen to him?

Rhiannon said...

Mike Malloy? Yes. I even signed the petition about a month ago. I heard about him before and then I forgot all about him.

What I need is another USB.

I have actually listened to Johnny Wizard. He's wild but good. Loads of foul language, though. But he's a lot like Mike Malloy.

Rhiannon said...


Donald rumsfeld inspired by god - I suppose he’s a Pat Robertson wannabe.

What kind of a god talks to cheney, Malloy asks (good question!) - willy wonka? Humpty dumpty? Fig newtons?


Tony Snow, another Zionist peak frean I left out of my list:

Helen Thomas asked him the true, obvious and most urgent question:

“Why hasn’t the USA called for a ceasefire?” (regarding ‘israel’ invasion of Lebanon July/Aug).

His response was at first evasive and elusive, then he became quite snide and smirky, and downright rude. I guess this guy thinks he is smarter than Helen Thomas. Anyway, he hardly answered her at all.


I agree with the female caller who said that the people are going to get fed up and that will be it.

Then ‘israel’ will wish it had been decent and human towards its neighbors, because the USA and Canadian people will be something to reckon with – not as forgiving and generous in concessions as the Palestinians and Lebanese have been.

My dad was saying this to me last week. He said it will be the middle class and lower classes that will do the revolting and yes – getting fed up. I can see why. Our world over here isn’t getting better, it’s getting worse.

The question is when? 2008? 2009? Anytime before 2012?

Rhiannon said...

I have more to say but I will post later.

Mirvat, I wanted to get your response on something:

What would you say to someone if they told you he/she was a Jewish atheist? How would you respond? What is your opinion on these two words defining someone?

If anyone wants to give me an answer/opinion - great.

Sorry to go off topic.


Mirvat said...

i don't know johnny wizard, i'll check him out.
i was just having this talk about when will the people here revolt. i mean look at what's happening to mexico. my friend is afraid it will happen too late..when they already had given them enough power to throw everyone in camps, which was effective after Oct 17..
americans for once are spoiled, so i don't see an uprising anytime soon, sadly!

and lastly, well i wouldn't be very surprised for once. it would go hand in hand with the confessional system in lebanon and it goes to show you that we are all driven by tribal feelings. many of americans who identify themselves as jews are non believers but are very passionate on the issue of israel. in this case i think it's more of a race belonging than religion really. it goes hand in hand with the example i gave in earlier post about american neozionists who are driven by political ambitions when defending israel and they don't even have to be jews of course. the regular people, as opposed to politicians, may not be driven by greed but merely fear, self defense and in some cases racial supremacy.

Rhiannon said...

Hey Mirvat, thanks for the answer :)

Your opinion is the same as mine. To me, to say one is a 'jewish atheist' is to say they enjoy being wined and dined by the 'christian'zionists, and they enjoy the trappings of 'holy chosen' and never mind God.

To me: zionist=jewish atheist=zionist=self-hating jew=one of the ILLS in our world.


However, I doubt VERY MUCH that Jews (the real ones) would like those two terms pitted together!

Rhiannon said...

A month ago, I was telling my Dad that I bet anything the reason for this Mexican border/immigration thing is just a cover to prevent Arab people from wanting to come into the country.

I have already heard how the numbers are increasing for rejecting Arab students from other countries who want to study at Universities in the USA.

Now I am not sure as I didn't read this anywhere, but I heard this from someone in my family.


The revolution happening too late? God, I hope not.

But it is true. Canadians and USA folks have their TV, Snacks, Liquor, video games and so on.

Make us very uncomfortable and it would be a different story.

With all the murdered USA/Canadian brothers and sisters from Iraq and Afghanistan.....

......and only one Cindy Sheehan to show for it.


Rhiannon said...

Neo-Cons MUST Be Exposed

The Splash art, the political cartoons, and many articles target George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld as the villains in the U.S. Government.

Indeed, they are all involved in the Planned Destruction of America.
But they are just the puppets out in front. They have very little real power.

Impeachment of President Bush would accomplish nothing.

The Neo-Cons who control him would remain in position and replace Bush with just another puppet. And nothing would change!

These unelected infiltrators would continue to run the government from behind the scenes.

Almost no mention is made of these masterminds of evil behind the scenes (the real Axis of Evil), the puppet Masters who manipulate Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

These are the Neo-Conservatives, “Neo-Cons” for short, who are ALL Jewish, Zionist, Trotskyite-Communists who now masquerade as “Republicans”.
They include:

William Kristol, (the son of Communist Irving Kristol, author of Memoirs of a Trotskyite), the editor of The Weekly Standard and a frequent political commentator on the totally Zionist Jewish-controlled media

Paul Wolfowitz, former Under Secretary of Defense (who for years has held the puppet strings of Donald Rumsfeld) and who now is head of the World Bank,

Douglas Feith, underling to Wolfowitz,

Richard Perle, Advisor to the Pentagon,

Natan Sharansky, Ariel Sharon’s Israeli Ambassador to the Jewish Diaspora (Jews around the world) who, according to George W. Bush, wrote, or supplied the ideas for the writing of at least one of George W. Bush’s recent major speeches.

Many of these infiltrators have dual citizenship in the U.S. AND in Israel.

They have taken over our government. And, unfortunately, their actions boldly proclaim that their allegiance is to Israel - and not to America!

These dangerous men, and many others like them, who hold positions of power in our government, are the ones who are the real destroyers of America.

They are the ones who should be exposed.

Dr. Lorraine Day

snurdly said...


Yes, they must be exposed...better yet, rounded up and dealt with severely. These are the same Jews that use the blood of Christian children for their so-called "Passover" meals and even invented the Black Plague virus in the 1300s that was placed in Christian wells. Now Russian Jewish scientists even invented the AIDS virus that is decimating Africa...except those so-called "Ethiopian Jews."

I should know...because I am a Jew. But I saw the light. After I got a secret phone call from my Jewish co-conspirator on the morning of 9/11/01...I called out sick. I told all the Jews who worked in the trade center to call out sick too (only the Jews of course). I even got insider information about the hijackers! They weren't Saudis at all! They were Hasidic Jews that shaved off their beards and got a spray-tan to look like Arabs! And they fooled everyone, even the CIA and Osama bin Laden himself! Come on, that took Jewish brains to pull-off, not some stupid terrorist's!

After this we sat around smoking cigars and couted our money. Huge, huge bag fulls of money in burlap sacks with the big dollar signs on them. The Jews that didn't have big enough noses were not allowed to count.

Then we sat around and learned some Hebrew words and discussed ways of making Palestinians miserable. We made top secret phone calls to Bush himself asking him to poison Arafat and rearrange all the account numbers to his bank accounts so his wife Suha couldn't get to it. We then transferred the money to the settlers to relocate them.

Happy Holloween...did you dress up like a old miserly Jew?

Rhiannon said...

Everyone is asking the same question.

Why? Why did they die?

Some will refuse to believe,

even when the evidence is


You will see why we were sold on a war

And who profits from the death
of America’s finest men & women

It starts with a company called…

Dresser Industries

This is the mission statement of Dresser:

Dresser Mission:

We manufacture,
Market and service
the critical equipment
that forms the backbone
of the world’s energy infrastructure.

They provide the means of controlling the world’s energy.....

Rhiannon said...

What does this have to do with the war in Iraq?

Prescott S. Bush

He was George Jr’s Grandpappy

And served on the Board of Directors of
Dresser Industries for 22 years

Even George Senior
Served on the board until

That’s when Halliburton CEO
Dick Cheney acquired Dresser

In other words...

The Bushes had Cheney
Use Halliburton’s money to
Buy the family biz for 7.7 BILLION

Doesn’t Halliburton get most of its
Money from the American taxpayer dollars....?


Here comes the sticky stuff....

pay closer attention:

Before the Bushes had Cheney acquire Dresser Industries.....

Dresser bought a rival company called

KELLOGG in 1988

Ever heard of a company
Called KBR?

It’s a Halliburton subsidiary...

Otherwise known as
KELLOGG Brown & Root....

Rhiannon said...

In 1988, Dresser Industries acquired M.W. Kellogg,

A pipe fabrication business started by...

Morris W. Kellogg in 1900.

Kellogg created technology for petroleum

Refining and petrochemical processing

And built facilities based on those

The Kellogg legacy remains an
Important part of KBR today.

In March 2002, Halliburton
Announced plans

to separate our business groups
Into two wholly-owned
Operating subsidiaries;

Halliburton’s Energy Services Group,

And KBR...

Rhiannon said...

The “K” KBR
Is the same Kellogg owned
By the Bush family biz

just happens to be...

the recipient of BILLIONS
in taxpayer dollars


This is why BushCo was so horny for war...

This is why our MEN & WOMEN

This is why Iraqi women and children

Were sent to their deaths

The Mission in Iraq?

To keep KBR in Iraq
For as long as possible

In order to...

Control the world’s energy
And profit from the blood of
American and Iraqi Life


All Hail
The Great Profiteer
In Chief


Nothing is what it seems

If you consider yourself a

If you love

Fight to

Bush & Zionists


The most obscene crimes

and the people of Iraq

And must be brought to

Mirvat said...

snurd, do you defend the neocons? i'm just curious, what do you think about the war in iraq?

Rhiannon said...

I see that my post of 2:52 PM about the neocons...

ruffled the feathers of snurd...

And ode to snurd by Rhiannon:

Everybody have you heard?

the truth caused the snurd

to have a mockingbird.

snurd shouts in post 10:25 pm:


But never...

was there ever...

A rich truth as such spoken

in every word.

Mirvat said...


snurdly said...

Rhiannon-- Your anti-semitism is unbecoming. It really is a sickness. I bet you blame Jews when you stub your toe or become like Mel when you get drunk.

(back to counting my money)

Mirvat said...

snurd, on this particular post rhiannon is attacking the neocons and the war in iraq. are you offended by that? how is that anti-semitism?

Rhiannon said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rhiannon said...

(Blushing and batting eyelashes like Betty Boop) ....aaaaaw...I bet you non-semite jewish atheists say that to all the pretty TRUE SEMITES and TRUTHSEEKERS, I'm just so flattered!


Now, be brave for a change and answer Mirvats questions.


(whisper) Mirvat, I don't think he has the guts to answer.

Mirvat said...

and i'm so sick of this antisemite crap.. how many times do i have to say ARABS ARE SEMITES.. and we're not intimidated by your allegations.. being against a supremist group who is controlling the world and seeding wars and destruction for their benefits is racist now?

yes he ignored me the first time!

snurdly said...


Rhiannon's political code word for Jews IS "neocon". She uses them interchangeably.

My views on the war in Iraq? Right idea that some countries in the ME needed freedom from tyranny. If this starts to work then it would threaten Syrian and Iranian forms of government. But the current failures in Iraq are a direct result of Iranian meddling. How can fellow Iraqis, butcher(Shiites and Al-Sadr)each other so after the removal of 25 years of dictatorial rule. Saddam killed Al-Sadr's father and other family members but he had stated that he hates Americans worse than he hates Saddam.

P.S May seem crazy, but the war in Iraq helped Syrian troops leave Lebanon.

snurdly said...


Your previous post...I didn't see it actually.

You say 14 million people (Jews) are controlling the other 4.5 billion people? All I can say is that it's not me. I don't even own a home. I work in a nursing home but I'm not even the director of my unit *s*.

P.S. Very powerful people have been Jews in the world (Jesus, Einstein, Marx, Freud...) For good or for ill. This has led to contempt/jealousy of Jews which is the prime motivator of hatred OF Jews.

But I wouldn't listen to Malaysian presidents that say we control the world. If you want to get into a discussion about "chosen people" I'll do that next time.

Rhiannon said...

Jesus is a Jew. How? How is Jesus Jew, oh jewish atheist snurd?

You can take that blasphemed vomit and shove it right back down your throat.

Jesus was never a Jew.

Rhiannon said...

Why don't you get your Mossad out of Iraq?

Tell them to stop murdering Lawyers, doctors, scholars, engineers, educators, and university students.

Tell them to stop shoving suitcases full of money under tables to corrupt leaders in Iraq who do the neocon bidding - staying in Iraq as long as it takes to weaken, fragment, and divide a people and nation so that the USA gets what it wants from Iraq - control over land and resources and a host of other things.

Tell your Mossad and CIA to stop feeding and breeding the insurgents and other Arab traitors with cash and weapons.

Go on. Tell them my little jewish atheist, Jesus Christ follower wannabe.

Mirvat said...

i wasn't saying the jews control the world. now you're confusing the terms. i was saying the neocons. same as 3% of america controls the economy, the neocons and the neozionists in power control the politics of the world now. rhiannone had given some examples, do you really want to argue that woolfowitz is not powerful, not a zionist?

not jews, most people like you and me are working hard for the elite to get richer, don't you see? this is what i mean when i say the people who support the war in israel don't give a shit about me and you. they want to make money off of our lives. those are the people who control israel and control this administration. they are the same people behind the war in iraq that had made them an obscene amount of money. most americans know and say that they went to iraq for the oil. even soldiers say that! but you still convince yourself with the romantic bringing freedom idea?

you blame iran for iraq? you blame egypt and jordan for gaza and west bank?
how about blaming the actual occupier for once?

your logic is surprisingly similar to that of your country's policies and it had always been backwards. bend over or you'll be bombed. let's blame eveyone but ourselves, the offenders. why leave gaza and the west bank when egypt and jordan didn't stand up for the palestinians???!! really how logical is that?

snurdly said...

Mirvat-- Your last question is interesting. I believe it has to do with the viewing of intent. For example, the PLO Charter of 1964, prior to obviously, the 1967 war, called for the destruction of Israel. So really, acquisition of G. and WB changed nothing about intent.

About Zionism...the goal was not to carve out "Israel" of Palestine but to establish a "homeland for the Jews IN Palestine." Partition of Palestine into Israel/Palestine was a British proposal of 1936 after years of unrest. Of couse the war of 1948 was a Zionist's dream but that was not the intentions and their isn't a Jew alive now who hoped that the Arabs (they didn't call themselves Palestinian then but considered themselves part of Southern Syria) would have just accepted partition. It is interesting to note that today's proposition of Israel leaving the G. and WB is just that...partition. So really, nothing new has been proposed that wasn't proposed in 1936 originally. So the question is, will there be a new 1948?

Mirvat said...

are you kidding me with this? this is the same twisted logic i'm talking about and you do it without even realizing!!
the intent had changed because what's done is done. what's illegal is still illegal and an occupation is a occupation. that should be done regardless of intent! if we would all follow this logic, talk about israeli intent!! you would advocate bombing iraq in case there's an intent to harm. you would advocate staying in lebanon all these years which your country did, in case there's an intent for us to liberate. you would clearly support throwing palestinians in prison and torturing a whole people, in case there's in an intent... what the hell!!!
the Balfur declaration was influenced by zionists and carried on by the brits who owed the jews protection back then but they did it on the expense of the indigenous people, the palestinians, and did it ever so carelessly like the colonialists they were. that resulted in massacres and terror carried on the hands of the early israeli terrorist groups which constitutes the mossad later on. jews grabbed 90 % of the land when they were allocated only 51. leave me from the history of it. don't you see? everybody agrees that the erection of your state took an act of terrorism and was completely unfair to the people who lost their lands and lives.

so what are you arguing now? what your government teaches you? G and wb is not palestine, and shabaa farms is not lebanon, well sure as hell it's not israel!! but it's theirs by UN resolution. the same legal capacity that made it possible for any state of israel to exist. what we stop playing when it comes to giving back what we have stolen?
they shouldn't get any land in your book. let them live in a box. wait they already do!

intentions!!! please


i'll leave you to rhiannone really, she seems to have more patience than i do.

snurdly said...

Mirvat-- It's everything about intent. How can you make peace with a neighbor you can't trust (either side)? Making peace means establishing some sort of expectation that is EXPECTED to be carried out.

P.S. I do like talking to you. You seem to be quite genuine with your arguments. The ME is the most interesting yet little understood region in the world. I think we try to present things well from vastly different points of view. Rhiannon however has too much of that "itbah Al-Yahud" streak to her and seems like she's foaming at the mouth with her posts.

Mirvat said...

yes i'm with you on that, good intentions are needed to establish trust but in this case the first step should be a fair withdrawal from wb and gaza and then good relations can follow. take the US for once, i would say the US over the past 50 years or so had overt and covert operations of meddeling in other governments, overthrowing systems, controling and exploiting etc.. just ask south americans about that.. that's not fine nor accepted and trust was broken and needs to be established but the more pressing issue is the issue of iraq which is a staight out occupation that is not fair yes?
you might not agree with me on iraq but i'm just making the point that you can't troubleshoot while ignoring the main issue at hand.

Rhiannon said...

Yeah my little jewishatheist Jesus Christ-follower-wannabe FAKE,

You tell lies like a rabid wolf foaming out of the mouth - all you zions do - and the foam really lets go off your fangs when you can't stand the truth being told.

Isn't that why all you jewishatheists are here in the first place?