Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Get worse
More every day
More so every year
Every attempt of healing
Breaks down in rage seething
Poisoning the world blinding hate
Every new hope new brick new light
Goes up in flames leaving more reasons
More reasons for the same legacy to persist
New reasons for blame for blindness for apathy
Every failure goes well to be written in history pages
As a disaster another attempt as another date another place
Another fancy number for our children to fight for and remember
Another trick to keep us going and fighting dreaming of awakenings

Of a sudden rise of reckoning … Of dignities revolting after such long slumber… Of people for people …. Of love to love … Of a brotherly hand … Of power to the worker… Of a colorful world but a color blind heart … Of a silver spoon in the ghetto … of tolerance … Of a blue collar and a platinum card at a lunch table … Of spreading love instead of oil cables … Of spreading medicine and knowledge and wealth and safety for all and for everyone … Instead we crumble in a state of absolute ignorance and our little hearts get darker … Instead we parade our power and stall and rip the hope out of children’s eyes … Instead we stall for truth and for justice and we crawl in our holes of greed … We poison the atmosphere and belittle facts and ignore people’s needs …

We’re ruthless to the penniless and the powerless and we’re proud
Overconfident and overstuffed and we’re whores for crowds
We lead the earth and its population into sure obliteration
We foresee doom upon doom with each inauguration
We substitute hard work with mere manipulation
With less smart minds and more smart bombs
Less bookstores and more tanning salons
Less health care and more hair care
Less art and more bleak reality
Less love and more money
Less woman and more
Plastic and aquarelle
Money for apparels
Isolated citadels
For loneliness
In an ipod
A nano
All ….

Will just get worse


Anonymous said...

" with less smart minds, and more hot blondes .."
No, I'm just kidding.

gitanes legeres said...

why is the world such an ugly place? what is this morosity in the air mirvat? it's sad and it has to change..

Mone said...

love it, very inspiring..

Enriqueta said...


somtimes U write with such sadness. I believe it for those you see hurting.

There are so many working for the good that is rich in the light of well being.

Maybe I am idealist.

In any case I found neat article I posted hope you like it.

Mone said...

Why the worries why the sadness
When you got love, that what matters
Forget the misery, there s much
Nourish that which really count
For a lovely heart, to you I speak
Wherever you are
Dance me the eternity
Touch everyone with kindness
Love everything with great desire
World half visible half you can't see
Respect, native people knew
Their elders plenty of wisemen
Appreciation you don't often see here
Mother earth, you are in my heart
Forgive us our forgetfulness
We are nothing without you, to you I plea
Light the fire, sing with me
Let our heart join together
Maybe an illusion but existence I know real