Thursday, October 12, 2006

Slow down child ...

Why is it that every time life catches up with you,
You close your eyes?
Why is it that you coat your roads,
With wings of butterflies?
And then forget to fly?

Do you still sing for her to sleep
To her long golden braids
Do you weep after the rain?
Does your voice still race
Your childhood betrays your face? …

Are you still the wonder that you are?
Then slow down child …

Do you crawl in bed with your Russian dolls
Do you peel through layers of illusions
Do you pray for colors
Do you still press your pace
When sadness takes its toll?

Are you still the joy that you are?
Then slow down child …

Why is it that whenever life understands you
You realize
The anchor that pulls your arms
To the tenderness of the rising sun
To the earth pulsing with Jasmine
To the whispers at the hills of the night?

Are you still the woman that you are?

Then slow down child …

The moon doesn’t lose its light …

So close your eyes,
just for the night ...

To my dear L.


laila said...


what can i say
i'm still the girl you knew 10 years ago..i now i walk around carrying distant memories bitter disappointments and sweet moments and life has yet to teach me to learn from my mistakes :)

i still love butterflies and cry when im happy and curse when im mad and i miss the times where we used to sit in the little plastic house and dream about happier times
i still dream about happier times

(thank you and i still miss you)

Mirvat said...

i still do the same mistakes. i still cry when i miss my sisters. i still think every woman is my sister.
seems we don't really change. we're still kids at heart.

the plastic house.. what were those dreams? i don't know anymore.. maybe ghada will remember

i do know we still dream..

i still miss you too. khalas this one doesn't count :)

laila said...

it SO doesnt :)

hillz said...

sorry for interruption.
these eyes seem familiar ;)

laila said...


Maya@NYC said...

how is it that each poem you write is more beautiful than the one before?
maybe because your feelings are so real.
L is lucky to have you as a friend.
(and good luck to L):)

Eve said...

one of your most touching poems ya mirvat. you forgot to add "ya zghiri" in the end. I love when u guys say that :) keep dreaming ya baneit..

Anonymous said...

I read your poem yesterday, and I started to cry - a bit unusual for me, I couldn't even leave a comment then and had to shut the lid on my laptop. Today I am at least brave enough to leave a life sign.

Mirvat said...

zee, after i wrote it i felt very sad too..i couldn't understand it.
i guess we all get our energy from people around us and if someone close to us is sad we lose our energy..

sorry you cried! i hope you feel better today :)