Friday, October 13, 2006

Those who can’t do, teach.
Those who can’t live, write.


_z. said...

you really think so? even if you wrote about life?

_z. said...

but writing is living (being alive).
j'ecris, donc je vis sort of thing.

writing, testifies and documents your living... your witness in a way.

_z. said...

you are very much alive mirvat... stop that this instant. :P

Mirvat said...

tayyeb tayyeb :)
it is true only to an some ways.. at least on this friday night.. for once, i don't write about love when i'm in love.. hmmm..

Feras othman said...

and those who cant figure what to do ...,advice ??!!

tieb those who knows what to do ,but refuse to do cuz its against thier principles .
what to do ??

hillz said...


Lirun said...

what a narrow view of teaching and living..

i have the most respect for teachers.. not necessarily lecturers.. but people generous enough to open their hearts and minds and teach..