Thursday, October 19, 2006

And on this proposal,

"I wish to take advantage of this standing to call from here on the prime minister of Lebanon, Fouad Saniora, to meet me directly, without the use of go-betweens, in order to forge peace between us and Lebanon," Olmert said.

A statement from Saniora's office said he "had announced more than once that Lebanon would be the last Arab country to sign peace with Israel."

This will not be another Camp David or another fake withdrawal from Gaza. I want to say that these are my feelings exactly. Lebanon should be the last country to sign a peace treaty with Israel. Israel has yet to withdraw its troops from some villages in south Lebanon, has yet to stop invading our country and steeling our water and behaving like a wicked neighbor and has yet to comply with international law returning Palestinian land and stopping the torture of Palestinians under its illegal occupation of West bank and Gaza. These are my feelings before and after the July war on Lebanon. I would not hope for my country to make peace with any criminal government especially when this government has a history of deceit and exploitation and when Lebanon cannot protect its interests by force as Israel does. We will not accept the bend over to the state of Israel or you'll be bombed policy which seems to be their foreign policy and their language of war and peace.

This article in Assafir on the newly occupied land between Gaza and Egypt by the Israelis really shows no change in the same old intentions.

More on Israel's war crimes,

"Italian probe: Israel used new weapon prototype in Gaza Strip
By Meron Rapoport, Haaretz Correspondent"

"An investigative report to be aired on Italian television Wednesday raises the possibility that Israel has used an experimental weapon in the Gaza Strip in recent months, causing especially serious physical injuries, such as amputated limbs and severe burns.The weapon is similar to one developed by the U.S. military, known as DIME, which causes a powerful and lethal blast, but only within a relatively small radius.The Italian report is based on the eyewitness accounts of medical doctors in the Strip, as well as tests carried out in an Italian laboratory. The investigative team is the same one that exposed, several months ago, the use by U.S. forces in Iraq of phosphorous bombs, against Iraqi rebels in Faluja.

The Italian investigative team raised the possibility that the IDF is making use of a weapon similar in character to DIME - Dense Inert Metal Explosive - developed for the U.S. military.

The Italian reporters sent samples of the particles found in wounds of injured in the Gaza Strip to a laboratory at the University of Parma. Dr. Carmela Vaccaio said that in analyzing the samples, she found "a very high concentration of carbon and the presence of unusual materials," such as copper, aluminum and tungsten. Dr. Vaccaio says these findings "could be in line with the hypothesis" that the weapon in question is DIME.

It is believed that the weapon is highly carcinogenic and harmful to the environment."

Lebanon is the last country to have peace with Israel.


laila said...


hillz said...

agreed upon!!

Anonymous said...

I hope that is the case, but as we know government in Lebanon and some of its "leaders" are cameleon like and change colors to suit the price even if sleeping with the devil. Fouad Saniorita has had many empty threats and promises before. I'm sick of talk. Where is the action the real action? This seems more like pouting.

snurdly said...

When Gaza was under Egyptian control everything was fine. When Jordan had the West Bank (Jordan is 2/3 of Palestine) everything was also fine. It's only since Israel is non-Muslim that everyone goes berzerk. It really isn't about the Palestinians, it's about Jews.

Mirvat said...

anon yes i hope so too

snurd look at pictures below then beyond then develop a brain then come back

laila said...

snurdly? mashee..

Maya@NYC said...

am glad he openly rejected this trap...
i hope though that behind-the-curtain deals are not underway....

snurdly said...

Arab anti-semitism in the media is rampant. They shout in the streets over cartoons of Mohammed as stepping over the line as free speech goes while constantly showing cartoons of Jews with big noses holding bags of money in their papers. Jews are fair game. Now they magnify Palestinian plight while turning a blind eye to Muslim-on-Muslim violence in Iraq. (as long as Muslims kill Muslims or Muslims kill others, that's acceptable in the Arab world.
The Lebanese think they theyre living in an independent country, but while heads of state in Syria and Iran sip their coffee, the Lebanese are just pawns in a greater Islamic struggle against Israel which has become interwoven into Islam as much as Ramadan itself.

snurdly said...

snurdly said...


I read your long post below. Contrary to popular belief, Zionism as a political force was a purely secular movement. Not only was Theodore Herzl non-religious, he didn't even know pork wasn't kosher. Both his children converted to Christianity.
Anyway, his motivation was the treatment of Jews in Europe such as the Belis Trial, the Russian Doctors Plot, the Dreyfuss Affairin France of 1905 and Kishnev pogroms of 1903 that launched Zionism as a movement because Europe rather not have them.
Jews were originally welcome in Palestine but with more and more emigration from a viscious Europe allowed by the British came an Arab backlash which forced the British to restrict Jewish emigration resulting in much more Hitler's victims.

Mirvat said...

snurd, what did i do to deserve you on this day? i wonder!
it amazes me. you would think after what israel did in lebanon you guys would have some sense or rethink some of your stern ideas.
i had discussions like that with other commentators on this blog and i'm not about to start another round.

review previous.

as for your little historical lesson, more amazing. so between the nazis and the colonizing british, where jews were opressed and arabs colonized, you came up with an almost conclusion that it was the fault of the arabs that more jews were stuck in europe?
the palestinians were worried about their land being taken away when the british decided to do that like a bully. churchill once said about giving the palestinian land to the jews that a more deserving race is coming in our place. and the palestinians were worried.. guess what? they were right. do the massacres in deir yasine and others by the stern and the hagana ring any bell?
it's interesting that you decided to stop your lesson where you did.
conclusion, the jews were opressed by the europeans and the arabs paid the price.

as for lebanon, you're obviously clueless on our politics, word of advice, stay as far away as possible from this topic especially after the july events.

i wouldn't use anti-semitism since the arabs are more of semites than the existing jews in power which policies we oppose. one common thing between all arabs is our hate to the government of israel, our arabic feelings that bring us together as people, muslim or not, and our solidarity with the palestinians that will never bring us to peace with the state of israel

snurdly said...


If you guys don't want peace then it behooves Israel to re-occupy S. that leaving gets their soldiers kidnapped.

Yes, Arab riots in 1936 and 1939 caused Partition plan of Palestine. And yes, British cutting Jewish immigrants to Palestine to quell Arab riots got plenty of Jews killed. Haj Amin-Al-Hussain, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem even had a meeting with Hitler to discuss the "Jewish problem"

Mone said...

I must say, that peace is the only way out. The state of non-peace and hatered doesn't serve anyone and on top of that it is a great waste of energy. Life is just too damn short to spend it in hatered..I don't care about other details.

Ahh...I don't like politics, people twist facts to get their points accross, When masacres happen, one turn blind eye to reflect his/her own belief, it s absurd

Mirvat said...

If you guys don't want peace then it behooves Israel to re-occupy S. that leaving gets their soldiers kidnapped.

what you're saying is:
if an occupier is faced with resistance, he should reoccupy!

you call it arab riots? i see.. when the arabs opposed to their country being occupied, they were rioting. when the jews killed all these palestinians in the massacres in 48 and occupied the country, they were victims..
this whole self defense crap really doesn't work on a lebanese so spare me!

i didn't delete your comment but i usually do when someone tells me that my people and my country should remain occupied to learn a lesson.. i left it to show the kind of logic you follow..

Mirvat said...

it's absurd, it's cognitive dissonance and it's very very dangerous. snurd here is a very good example.

snurdly said...


What of Leb. is Israel occupying? A football field known as Sheba Farms, which the UN says belongs to Syria? And If they give it Syria? Sorry, Israel leaves land and this achieves nothing...just thousands of rockets and armed militias marching like Hitler youth bent on Israel's destruction no matter what it does.

Yes, regarding history of the British commisions of inquiry: Google "1936 Arab riots"

anny said...

mirvat , hayete ... hmmmmmmm it?
it was a good day today ... sun is shining, birds are singing, weather is warm ....

Mone said...

Well if this farm is a size of football field, why don't Israel withdraw leaving no excuse to groups like Huzbulla to attack with these silly rockets???

Mirvat said...

eh eh forget it.. no point..
good day today :)

hashem said...

Mirvat- good post. As for the akh above...don't bother...

Zanzounito said...


As you know Israel's atrocities are prevalent in non-Western media..your suggestion of not making peace leaves Lebanon without any other alternatives. Should Lebanon just continue to fight a lifelong battle? I am being devil's advocate here.

Lirun said...

mirvat.. thank you again for your one-sided hate generating propaganda..

YOU are the cause of the suffering of the palestinian people.. it is the very hatred that you inflame and spread that will ensure that they suffer the most they possibly can before peace is concluded..

what a pity you saw the very branch you sit on..

and at the same time live and develop yourself in one of the very countries you accuse of perpetuating the subject matter of your accusations.. i have never come across anything more two-faced than that..

why dont you go live in all these places you sympathise with.. i dont understand you.. why arent you pursuing your studies in an arab institution.. arent they good enough for you?

Mone said...

Lirun, I think both of YOU are the cause of the state of violence.
On the arab side, they MUST understand that logically they need to negotiate for peace at one point, for anyone else who still want to fight I will ask a simple question, would you send your children to die for that? I certainly will never send my children or my neighboors children to die for any stupid land or any bearded man :)
We were taught in the arab world to die for our cause while fighting, I disagree and I think it is pure politics. We are not born to loose our children for stupid peace of land, we are born to enjoy Life! If that land doesn't offer it, there are plenty on earth that do...

On the Israel side they MUST stop their masacres like the one lately happened in Lebanon. I don't mean you Lirun had anything to do with it, but in that post you wrote you are using an attack and failing to show sympathy for the tragedies caused by your goverment. Also the dude before "Snurdly", his style, "peace or Else"... this's top silly. If Israel want real peace and want to work for that, they need to withdraw from ALL occupied lands in Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, West banks..ect Then they can truly defend their land afterward..

Btw, Snurly, that link with the picture of one muslim man saying Allah will destroy Israel..really funny dude...All religions are nothing but political movements. Jews also are not excluded, you have also your bearded people who think you are the "Chosen people" :) ya chosen to occupy and destroy lands and kill everyone opposing :)

All religions, again, are nothing but stupid political movement right now. True religion is the one that has to do with the individual ONLY. Each one of us is responsible to find meaning of life which can't be handed over to someone else. When someone else find it like Moses, Christ or Mohamad, they gave it to us on papers/stories, but that doesn't do anything, you need to find your own bible/Koran... Everything else might be contaminated unless it helps you to shut your mouth and close your eyes and go IN to discover yourself..

Mirvat said...

zanzoun, i wrote before and i still say it, i'm not for fighting, not for wars, i hate religions and politics.. i back everything mone said. i quoted saniora not because i agree with his movement and i happen to be against israel not because i'm taken by any ideology. simply and merely because i'm against israel as are a lot of jewish friends of mine (lirun). i'm against ethnic cleansing and against any country that has power and that acts ruthlessly because they do. same way i would've acted against apartheid africa. in principle, i would never want lebanon to have a peace treaty with israel but i do not wish for war. at the same time i do not accept snurd's bend down or you die approach or lirun's suck it up for your own good or daddy will hit you argument (even when in lirun's case it comes from good intentions). these same policies were implemented on the palestinians and we've seen where that ended. in order for lebanon to have peace with israel, lebanon should be strong and able to defend itself against the aggression that might take place at any time as i have seen.

mone, i think for myself and i do not follow any bearded ideology but i know a lot of arabs do. religion couldl stear people around but in this case a very compelling reason is at hands as you have explained yourself. even people like me, with no religious or political background and with high affinity for people from everywhere, are against israel today. 1- for the atrocities committed against people in general (like the palestinians) 2- for having lived the nightmare of my people dying. i'm against israel the government untill all the conditions you mentioned yourself are met. this is simply why i think most arabs don't want peace with israel.

lirun i don't see why i need to live in a country to defend it. i wouldn't live in saudi arabia to earn the right to say women are underplayed there. but i would love
to live in palestine though except they wouldn't let me in the country :) or yes and they're all starving (have you read uri avernry's starving a population to death). you call what i do double-faced because i live in the US and i defend people who are dying and being occupied? how about many american jews who have never been to israel and who control the world opinion and advocated the war on lebanon to go on just because they're jews! i'm having an education and i'm here giving to this country. they actually need me at my work and thy wouldn't let me leave as soon as i wanted to but believe you me at the first chance i'm back to the place i love.

by the way lirun, in this post you must have read where snurd is coming from and you didn't take back what you accused me of in the previous post.

Anonymous said...

Damn mirvat you really got a fireball here. So given the logic I just read above, we arabs should lay back and love Israel? And we being occupied is our fault?
And showing pictures of our massacred children by Izrael is hate propoganda? Where did these people come from? Well, I for one would have loved to have gone to my Arab school but Izrael turned it into a police station and forbit me to go to school then of course bulldozed the parks and set a curfew and killed my teacher and once I ventured out for oxygen I couldn't return home. I love you Zionists, thank you for the pain, agony and torture and the warped devilish logic.

Mirvat said...

here you have it lirun, someone who actually lives there. and incidentally i lived in lebanon all my life. yes i live in the US and i criticize the government here as much as a lot of americans do. i don't see them being conflicted. the jews i know who criticize israel do it for the well being of their kids, not wanting to be oppressors. the americans who hate this administration also do it because they don't want to lose their kids for an unjust greedy cause and they don't want to be hated by the world. we all basically want the well being of humanity and for that not to be at the expense of humans and we will speak up against every government that doesn't fit and that terrorizes and occupies and against all people who think they have a superiority to others.
arabs love education, iraqi people were the most educated but too bad, their country just got occupied! palestinians can't have a decent education and you gave an example of that in a post of yours.

Lirun said...

and i would love to go to the temple mount but you muslims stuck a bloody couple of mosques on top.. and turned my holy place into rubbish dumps.. remember? come off it..

yeah and you go to my posts discussing such issues and turn it into a discussion about me downtalking arab society..

dude.. u'll write anything to demonise and redeem yourself..

mirvats blog: "all muslims are pure and perfect and all jews are the devil unless they are self-hating poetry poetry picture picture.. jews suck.. picture picture.. poem song.. muslims are perfect.. photo photo... jews cause all evil.. sonnet rhyme.. jews kill babies.. muslim are all angels.. little tidbit.. israel should be erased.. song song photo collage.."

you dont touch a single issue or dillema - you're blog is judgment central.. maybe the scientist in you is constantly seeking empirical outcomes.. i think sometimes you should explore other sides and think of reasons..

and even then.. ana bahibik ya awiya wa anida..

peace from telaviv

Mirvat said...


Mirvat said...

and stop saying that! when did i ever say jews suck? shame on you!
do i say americans suck? no!
i only argue with you because i respect you lirun, so show the same respect for me and don't put words in my mouth. for the 1000000th time, i'm against policies and not people of any religion.
your comment is hilarious though, except for the first part, that language isn't worthy of a smart people like you. as for my blog, yeah you summed it up quite nicely :) except for the hating the jews part..

Andrey said...

Mirvat, show him, hi's not right. Show us something bad in palestinians...

Andrey said...

I'm waiting for sooooo long...

palo-girl said...

lol... wallah i love this blog for these crazy conversations!!
i speak for myself here lirun, i don't hate jews, and im sure mirvat here doesn't (judging from her blog - she doesn't seem the 'bearded-man' supporter).. it's not the religion that we're worrying about... you can believe whatever you want - it's the politics.
:) don't you just love people raging at eachother? :) i think people's true colours come out when they get angry. it's always interesting to see.

mirvat- i'm so glad to see someone speaking up.. you said everything i'd want to say, but a lot better.


Lirun said...

palo ya habibti.. kif halik..

mirvat and i always banter.. she is actually secretly in love with me.. wa ana bahiba camaan.. oh no - now its no secret!! mirvat.. what will your folks say about you having fallen for a conqueror of palestine!?!?!?!

wishing you all a good week..

ps.. how dare you call me smart


Mirvat said...

andrey, why? do we need more reasons to make them suffer more?

palo-girl, so true :) don't defend yourself for standing up for what's right and what you believe in. i hate when people reduce us to a defensive position. it's a strategy that we see over and over again and it successfully diverts from the real issue. palestinians are starving!

lirun, you always make me laugh :) thanks!

Rhiannon said...

Poor zionists always complaining, whining, moaning, and screeching about their misunderstood EVIL deeds.

True. Arabs are the Semites. Persians, too. Palestinians have more Abraham and Jesus Christ blood flowing in their veins QUITE UNLIKE that fake vampire blood in the bodies of those idiotic Zionists.

Now be good little zionists and go back to your caves.

Lirun said...

see - mirvat.. what is this shit? intellectual s&m?

complaining and whining heheheh - i would tell you about my life but then you would condemn me for enjoying it too much.. i make no efforts to appease those who hate me..

i do however extend a hand in peace to those who do too..

but otherwise.. of course we dont have jeses blood.. he headed a breakaway sect - oh my god you are so ignorant.. now about abraham that is a different story..

and what exactly doyou mean by fake vampire.. are you a real vampire? hmm idiotic huh..

come on mirvat.. surely this is ringing as plain stupidity even to you..

Lirun said...

oh and about andreys comment.. i think the purpose was to establish some objectivity on your part..

now show us the money baybay


Andrey said...

that's right lirun

Rhiannon said...

[more of the zionist drip-dry whining]

"mirvats blog: "all muslims are pure and perfect and all jews are the devil unless they are self-hating poetry poetry picture picture.. jews suck.. picture picture.. poem song.. muslims are perfect.. photo photo... jews cause all evil.. sonnet rhyme.. jews kill babies.. muslim are all angels.. little tidbit.. israel should be erased.. song song photo collage.."

So whaddaya guys do? Go to zionist school and learn to put words into peoples mouths - words they didn't say? Such histrionics! Such melodrama! All to make yourselves look like the poor little innocent lambs - egads! After all, you did slaughter over 1,400 of Lebanon's people and children. That's a lot of Israeli STENCH you have to cover up. That's putting mildly. I'm not even mentioning the West Bank or Gaza Strip slaughters and massacres of babies and children. I'm not even mentioning Iraq and Afghanistan.

See? I didn't even use the histrionics and more of my people have been murdered. So shame on your insensitivities to other people's pain. But that is par of the course for you, isn't it? THey must teach you that in zionist school, as well.

So what do they teach you in Zionist school? To hate the truth and embrace all lies? To negate all logic that points to one glaring fact that:

THe reason that you guys must be so hated is not the fault of the Arabs BUT the fault of yourselves and that fault rests entirely on your shoulders.

Be a mensch for a change. Open the windows, clean your sheets, and change your stinky zionist garb and let the fresh air in, and for ONCE ADMIT the crimes of the israeli/USA government are responsible for deaths on all sides of the border - that includes the deaths in 'israel', as well.


Oh please. Do not tell us about your life. I would perish from pure boredom or too much laughter.

transient said...

Well this is interesting. I would love to meet all of you and argue in person, not that there ever will be any positive result, it would just be fun. looking into someone's eyes as they try to convince you of something they know not to be true is always entertaining. I enjoy reading person more than their words.