Monday, October 09, 2006

Today the park will change its colors
for you
The bridge will lay blushed
on a glittering surface
Covered in foliage
colors of your palette
The cracked branches
will broil with the rays
will Send life
drip moisture
to the veins of the earth
The green will fade
the sky pale
The lovers splinter
in calm
reinstating their vows
Gobbling down
the surging golden warmth
Before the white sweeps

Today the rain will shy
For you
The concrete will knock
On your soles
Reminding you
Of your aching limbs
Fault of the gray
Fault of the glass
A lazy saxophone
Will Warm the roads
Playing as the city changes outfits
For you
From the slick
To the earthy tones
To the drunken lights
That never fade
The lady that never sleeps

Is calling you … Is luring you
is waiting for you
as I wait too
I see her in your eyes
I hear her

hope in your voice
I feel her with your every step

And I know we’re home again ...

(Pic: Shaeri Mukherjee)


Ghassan said...

would a migrating bird finally make the flight? to the warmth of a lazy saxophone..

Mirvat said...

lazy cello playing solitaire.. lazy bird roaming the air...
and a sad sax at every station...
living in cities that don't live in us.. leaving the city that always will..
when will the bird learn not to follow landmarks of deception?

Maya@NYC said...

where do you hide all this melancholy when the smile never leaves your face?
wonderful wonderful poem ...

Mirvat said...

thank you maya
well i only smile when surrounded by people like you. now the nostalgia sweeps after you guys left :)

gitanes legeres said...

keep smiling gorgeous..we never left, we'll go dancing again. ma heik maya?

hashem said...

we'll be, laugh, dance, and share common memories...:)

Mirvat said...

ok.. even is i have to go to cleveland or pittsburg :)

Lirun said...

dude.. u met with them.. so whats the go with turning into a ghost blog

Mirvat said...

lirun most of the people who write on LBF are in lebanon. in any case, we're just tired after the war i guess. just a transitional phase. we're tired of politics so we don't write as much but we also can't let go of politics because we don't trust it's over yet..

Lirun said...

fair enough.. i notice on my blog that i have more lebanese readership than israeli..

i'd say 40 percent of the comments and emails i get are lebanese.. was curious..


thanks for the gift


_z. said...

but you have a way of turning everything melancholic into a smile... be it a sad smile, a pensive simile, or a happy smile... that's a rare talent.

Mirvat said...

thanks z :)

FZ said...

mirvat this is so beautiful, i love it! it's true, somehow your melancholia is not depressive but inspiring. i still feel really sorry :( that i missed the blogger's mtg... can't wait for the next one! and see you tomorrow for e. said? :) how weird... the word verification starts with fz! :)

Mirvat said...

thanks fz :)
i would say that about your writing actually, very melancholic but so dreamy and full of life.

yes i'll see you tomorrow. i'll call you when we get there. we'll be early, 8:30 to get tickets.