Sunday, October 22, 2006

Help us promote this website!

We hope that you can make use of this new service and that you can help us pass the word so that we can reach as many Lebanese who need a job closer to home.

From Mr. Rabih Mogharbel, the founder of Lebanon Expats,

"Lebanese worldwide are dedicated to improving the current economical situation.

Hire Lebanese ( is an internet based job board recruiting agent with a goal to market the Lebanese workforce as one. "Lebanese have built a reputation for brains and productivity so let's capitalize on our reputation and centralize our efforts to succeed. Our goal is to gather resumes for Lebanese citizens worldwide and then market our talent as one group," said Rabih Mogharbel, co-founder of and founder of Lebanon Expats.

" is also dedicated to servicing businesses in Lebanon, corporations in Middle East and Lebanese managers worldwide who seek Lebanese candidates. We encourage all businesses seeking Lebanese talent from around the globe to reach out to them at Hire Lebanese is a Free service for employers and job seekers ", said Dr. Nassib Fawaz, co-founder of ( and President of the Lebanese International Business Council. is launching at critical times when the country is rebuilding and seeks expertise in many fields. This is also a critical time for young professionals seeking to gain international experience.

"I am a recent graduate seeking international experience and want to come back to Lebanon after a few years to start my own outsourcing business. I like the idea that is dedicated to Lebanese citizens only," stated Tony Jawhar, graphic designer from Beirut.

" I am Lebanese Canadian seeking employment in Lebanon or the Middle East to be closer to home. I feel that a website like Hire Lebanese is long over due and believe it can play a role in making this happen for me and many Lebanese abroad", said Mohammad El-Tawil, engineer from Windsor Ontario.

To learn more about this new initiative visit".


Mone said...

Hi Lirun, I left a response to your comments on Mirvats'(Cognitive dissonance: Modern day racism ), check it out...

Lirun said...

ok :)


i just wanted to say about this post that i think its very important to repatriate talents..

the circulation of experience and worldliness refreshes a culture and invigorates its faculties..

i hope good lebanese people make their way home and deliver some of their fruit to their homeland.. i know that for me returning to israel after studying and working abroad was a personal must and i love the impact i am able to introduce..

peace to all


Mone said...

Hello Lirun

First, In this time of our Eid I wish you happy and true peace for you and all your people and the Palestinians, to all the jews, Muslilms, Christans and anyone else who live there.

I want to invite you to take a different stance from your govermant. Your current views, as I interrupt it, mirrors your current govermant; justifications to extensive force, thus you are sorry for the death but not the actual action that lead to that.

Hope you accept my invitation to reconsider some of your views, or at least enhance it.