Sunday, October 29, 2006

Talking to you about home reminded me of talking to her about love

Void and space of possibilities.
A land uncluttered with broken smiles.
Clean of memories clean of rips and tears.
Shiny virgin cheeks untainted with tears.
tears, black tears ---
White tears.
Tears of madness at dawn.
Tears until morning yawns.
Void and emotions crippled.
Angry voices swiveled.
Into moans.
Neutered faces.
Blanched expressions.
Flaccid screams.
Plastered smiles.
Bouncing homes.
Bouncing sofas.
Disposable lives.
Easy sealed stories.
Easy peeled loves.

Void void.
Nothing but echoes.
White walls greased with sweat.
Heat of the moment.
Heat of any moment.
Heat of the days.
Heat of life.
Life under fire.
Burning desire.
And silence.
And space.
And void.
Vague potentials
Never materializing
Faced with the known
The safe
The small and warm
Home or life
Womb or life
A thought of mystery
Of the road not taken
Or knowing what’s behind the curb
Counting your steps or flying?

Love turns out is very similar to living
If you haven’t had a fuzzy stomach
If you haven’t cried when happy
More than you cried when sad
If you haven’t been scared
At the idea of losing someone
If you haven’t doubted your life
At the loss of someone
You haven’t loved
Nor lived ...

I told my baby sister to go and love and to break her heart for a new man and cry and make a mess out of life and never look back. I tell you leave and don't regret, throw yourself in the world, get scared, get overwhelmed, even get colder sometimes, go break your heart for a new city and don't look back ...


snurdly said...

Neat poem...not so sure I agree with the last paragraph's Feministic bit of advice, though. LOL!

Maya@NYC said...

easier said than done...isn't?

Mirvat said...

abso..fuckin..lutely!! :)
also should be done..

Eve said...

wa dawini billati kanat hiyal da2ou. always living, always loving, great advice ya mirvat..

hashem said...

this is mirvat...khawta as ever! :P
(i know you'll yell at me when you call me!)

Anonymous said...

this touched a cord on the strings I maniacally maintain - thanks for putting it that way.

Mirvat said...

eve very true

hashem, a7san minil kelmeh el tenye at least :)

zee, dangerous way but fun!