Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy 3id yawl

kill 3id we into selmine jamee3an
el ahel wel as7ab wel jirane willi bi7ibbookon
willi mabi7ibbookon kamen .. yalla .. lesh la'
albkon kbeer

Hope the days will bring you happiness
and peace
and family and friends
and laughing with no reason
and a car that doesn't break down
and nights of moonlighting that go by fast
and a house by the sea
and a hidden piece of paper that carries dreams
and a hidden pocket where you find that picture you lost
and a book you forgot about that takes you to old places
and hidden places within yourself
and a smile of a person you made happy
even for moments
and a thank you
and i miss you
and strawberries and janerik
and a man as cute as the first time you met him
and a woman as tender as the heart you're giving her
and success
and an alarm clock you don't get used to
and an earth that's happy
and a bigger moon
and a house by the sea, another one
and i can't live without you
and a dance you don't get tired of
and a city that doesn't get tired of you
and i love you
and a newspaper full of good news
and applaud
and some ba'lewa we rizz b7alib

who needs blue birds and lemonade?


hashem said...

yen3ad 3leiki....:)
and yeah...cheers for the moonlighting nights hehe :P

hillz said...

riz b7aleeeb!

yin3ad 3laykeh mirvat

inmotion said...

kil sine wo inte taybe mirvat :)

I loved the post


Eve said...

so helo. i'd like all that list from the fitr santa ;) yen3ad 3leiki

Feras othman said...

happy eied to u all :)
nice to be generous with your forgiveness and mercy to all of the humans

laila said...

yin3ad 3leiki wlee
yalla come visit

gitanes legeres said...

fitr mubarak...

Mone said...

Ameen :)
May you have great happy year full of blessings...
May Peace come even drop by drop
All..and everyone rejoice in happiness
No matter our conflicts
One day we will find
We are all brothers and sisters

Maya@NYC said...

yin3ad 3aleyke.

Ghassan said...

w 3laikeh ya 2ammoorah.
no more blue birds and lemonade. hmmm...

AM said...

Hey, Eid Mubarak :)

Mirvat said...

yin3ad 3al kill

[ j i m m y ] said...

thank you mirvat for the lovely bouquet of wishes.
it made my day.

FZ said...

made my day too! :)

Mirvat said...

very happy it did jimmy and fz :)