Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our story ...

(pic, Heidelberg, last May)

Are we out of songs to sing
for each other
Have we explored
the hidden the subtle
and the abstruse
Did I read you through
Have you prayed a different prayer
Did the years,
the turns of events,
the turns of characters
tell our story
in full
The most terrifying
The most stupefying halts
to what forever effortlessly unraveled
Have the most chilling fate
that inhabited my being
and haunted my acts
without so much as doubt
Does emptiness now prevail.
Like a tender touch on a child’s cheek
Like the ample dunes
Like the warm skies of June
My eyes will follow you through
And my heart prays for you
Do I live with you for you
Can I make it without you
Is my soul now akinned
To yours
Do I have you under my skin?

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_z. said...

It's funny. The first time I landed and commented on Passing for Normal was on a post about Heidelberg. 6 months ago.

kifik mirvat?

hope you're doing well. great picture and great poem.

hashem said...

great poem :)
awaiting for your call....was moonlighting last night :P

Mirvat said...

mnee7a zouzou. mnee7a. we inta?

hashem i'll call you tomorrow.

Mirvat said...

_z, i was checking that post again. i still remember thinking how brilliantly funny this guy's comment is.

transient said...

Stranger things have delayed my work but to sing a song through corporate hallways then trip as I sit and over this very song brings color to this fall. And your words splendidly incomplete.

Mirvat said...

thanks transient
i really like the name, transient as it really is..