Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ramadan in Palestine

(pic: Al-Jazeera)
Goes something like this.


hashem said...

Two planned wars, with swaped timing.
The one on Lebanon, was planned now. It was then decided to be carried 3 months earlier.
What we see now is the war planned for in July, carried out 3 months late.

Mirvat- thanx again for speaking up about what happens to the palestinians.

Mone said...

you know, I will share a thought that maybe provoking here, thus I appologize in advance if I offend anyone.

That picture of kid dying and father kissing him on the cheek.
The feeling one get is sadness for the situation as whole for sure, but there is a distinct love and compassion for the father and the son. The father himself at that moment of his son's death is certainly feeling a surge of love that probably he didn't realize he had before for his son. He probably didn't play or shared intimate moment with his son, probably was too busy working, fighting with his wife.. but now, his son is dead, now he can love him the most and feel sorry.

So the tragedy of death of such terrible event carries with it a breath of fresh air, some distinct lovely feeling of remembrance, a chance to turn it all around. Off course soon after, these feelings may switch to anger and ect ect. but the moment of death you don't feel anger you feel compassion and remembrance for the person dying.

My question, until when do we humans require such killings to make us realize that we are sensitive beings after all? Until when do we keep killing each other until we realize we are in it together, your brother is my brother and our families are one? Until when do we have to revenge instead of declaring it all over? Until when do we declare it just not worth it and change the color of our flag? Until when do we wear the same bloddy shirt when there is a perfectly clean white one in the next shop? Until when do we struggle in agony just to remember that we can still love? Until when ? UNTIL WHEN?

Mirvat said...

so people mone, like some who get blown up by mistake at a wedding in iraq, are fighting for their life and some palestinians are reminded of hate because they're hungry. they don't even have the luxury of revenge like suicide bombers or fighting for land like lebanese.
i appreciate your noble words of course but it's not all primitive and not all revenge. sometimes it's despair.
they ran a study on children in west bank and found that 80 % of the children have lost the will to live.
until i lose a child, until i live in these conditions i really cannot preach about love. these people want food now and they will love later.

Mone said...

Actually it s little different what I tried to tell.
I am trying to look at this from broader spectrum... allow me to explain.

I am considering the global Earth Consciousness. I do believe that we are all one. This one itself is reference we call god/Allah. So when one hurts this global one gets hurt and when one help another this global one feels it.
This type of thoughts was explain by all religions but overshadowed by fundamentalists and others who didn't see it. Buddhism says it beautifully, we are all one, but their people don't stress that point but still better than the 3 popular religions. In Islam, the Soura "Al-Ahad" in it the word "Samad", the word Samad is not explained properly in most or all Koranic text. However, I found in Hinduism they use the word "Samadhi" or Samadi" as a stage meditators reach when they progress and is considered an ultimate stage. What it is, is a stage where one experiences feeling one with all. So this Soura, being one of the most important ones, is trying to tell you " Allah is one, and is in everyone"
Quantum physics proved that point that when experiencing something the person running the experiment on sub-atomic level, their experiment depends on how they implement it.

If you entertain this, then whatever we are experiencing is also affecting everything and everyone.

Back to my point I was making. Ultimately no one enjoys suffering, and the ONE doesn't either, but it doesn't enjoy also poor compassion. Now about the feeling one get when one sees such pictures.It is a feeling of love and compassion. So I was wondering that perhaps, these tragic events are meant to awaken this feeling with us so we can understand better? Humanity in whole won’t need to see this when itself reaches a stage of pure understanding.
The struggle will continue, sufferings will continue until perhaps joy will be found and understood, or perhaps it will never be found, there can always be another civilazation or . At one stage, one needs to turn inward and consider the short life span of one’s life to advance in their understanding. I don’t mean to read books and try to philosophy things, on the contrary, one needs to turn inward to be the Buddha and experience what Christ and Mohammad Experienced before one dies. Otherwise it maybe just another life time wasted in poor understanding…

Mirvat said...

very well said in an ideal world mone. reminds me of our conversation about happiness and satisfaction and love independently of 'the other'. i can understand your perspective better now and now more than ever i still argue that our feelings of coming into unity with this absolute 'energy' or goodness or god .. depends on the 'other' and on helping and on forgiving. it has to come from within, the feeling of peace but how do you maintain it and propagate it in conditions that only leave you despaired and humiliated by this 'other'?
in this real life the palestinians are living for once, when natural needs strike, which dream of nirvana will appease their pains?

a lot of people who are true believers in good and 'god' and forgiveness do not give in to the feelings of hate and revenge and i know that this is a side product of fundamentalism but i still argue that being the humans that we are, i cannot blame the resentment of the victim or the loss of spirituality in a mother's eyes.

nothing i said contradicts your views which i agree with but i'm not that spiritual of a person. i believe in the material and i believe spirituality is something people deviced to cope with life. the need for this absolute being and for the idea of an after life in the three main religions or the unity with the ONE as in eastern philosophies, is a way to cope with the hardship of this life. this is great and people who are able to do that are very fortunate. many others though are not and they simply are requiring equality on a human level and again fundamentalism only covers a part of the problem but it's not the issue. fundamentalism is a political wave as many others and it's a seperate motif. as far as the palestinian's problem goes, it's a humanity issue so again, good for them if they could be as noble as prophets and could live in despair and still love but what if they can't? what if they're just human?

Mone said...

All what we talk about, what you think is true and what I am leaning for that is true in regard to the oness, is very subjective thing. Therefore, I rejected all theories, and I lean to talk about truth that I myself EXPERIENCE. SO until now, i haven't experienced this oneness although there have been few things I experienced that are happening when I meditate on regular basis..
Since you tend to think of meditation as spiritual (I don't) then I won't go too much into it. But I remember a quote that says "I can't prove anything except that I exist". For me the only truth I can get is from EXPERIENCE and I found only meditation that is the path to this true. The answer to who I am and what is my purpose in life.. but again, it s only my decision to do that...and who knows I may be wasting my time :)

Anyways, for the palestinans, I am not blaming anyone for feeling whatever they are feeling... I Am really not.
But I strongly think if WE, people that CAN feel Joyful, like you and me with houses and families should always aim for that. We can do all the other things, write in blogs, hold interviews, plant trees, demonstrate naked..whatever.. but if we can feel good then it is better for our health and mind..if you can't then you can't offcourse...but I ve trying to stress that point on myself no matter what stress I am having for the day..and I am finding out from EXPERIENCE that it does help even if you want to fight a noble fight or want to demonstrate or whatever... just feel good..try feel good 100 percent of the time..or as close to that.. Remember feeling good is just a chemistry thing in the brain, so with little fooling it can be easily controled.. and life still goes around us exactly the same weather you feel good ro bad :)

Mirvat said...

you're right.
being so far away to be able to help though i fall into the trap of thinking that being sad is a form of solidarity and that by remaining angry and outraged i won't forget . totally wrong but totally subconscious and i only realized it now thanks to you.

you're very wise mone :)

Mone said...

You too my friend...take care and sweet dreams