Saturday, October 28, 2006

My dear Dan

Thank you for making me tea and doing the dishes when I’m sick
Thank you for becoming like my surrogate little family away from home
For adding so much warmth to my life when I feel down or alone
For having a seat in the living room and keeping a seat for me
For your little habits that never change and that make me feel safe
Thank you for the laughter, the support and the friendship
For your hilarious stories about aliens and the making of the world
For the taped mice behavioral experiments you bring home for the cats to watch,
and they do!
For your laid back attitude that gives me perspective and calms me down
For taking my mind away from trouble by making me watch cartoons with you
And explaining the episode for me
For leaving the oven on and then accusing the cat of doing it
For the peace you bring home with your washed down attitude
For the smell of shaving cream in the morning that reminds me of my dad
For 7ala bread you bring back after your dinner with your folks
For wanting to throw a party every day
For explaining American expressions and American politics for me
For saying Gerard de pardieu the way you do evey time i want to laugh
For making fun of Bush
For feeding the cats sometimes
For being like a little brother
For teasing me like a little brother
And for being so much fun
For letting me highlight your hair
For wanting to adopt a monkey
And all the embarrassing stories you share
For all the years you were there
For abstaining from singing in the shower
For being you. The best roommate I could have wished for all those years.


Lirun said...

oh how warm and fuzzy


ya salaam

Mone said...

Nice and smooth :) relaxing and straight from the heart :)

Ghassan said...

most touching post, everything Dan - I miss him so much

Mirvat said...

yalla go clean gus :)

Mirvat said...

thanks mone

and Lirun!!!
I just saw this :)

"i dont recommend mirvats blog for a perspective at all.. it is wholly one sided.. demonises israel without any control - whether of reality or history and certainly not of fairness.. all you can get from that blog is her emotional perspective..but mirvat doesnt express anger or rage but mere blindness to issues.. her blog is agenda drivern.. she doesnt seek to enlighten you but rather to darken our views with her sentiment.. a personal unproductive sentiment..
while i blog there and banter with her.. it is choppy tide and dangerous surfing for a learning mind..
i say swim with caution.." And on a Lebanese blog behind my back?

That is it! We're officially out of Chas's room of communication :)

I wish you would understand that a learning mind, should be open to all opinions 'dude'. I find it funny that i just earned my first Israeli 'character assassination' :). I don't mean to darken any views of course. I always said it's good to talk. See Chas doesn't agree with some of what i say but he tries to understand where the 'others' come from, like he said.
I'm as pro-Arab as you are pro-Israeli and until interests stop conflicting this severely you know on what side i'll be.

I have to say this was hilarious! Me? Agenda? hahaha

Lirun said...

it wasnt a character assassination.. it was an assessment of your views.. nothing i havent said in your blog.. i didnt raise the topic.. i responded..

i am surprised by your surprise..

you know good and well we have polar views on things and that i am disgusted to my stomach by the way your demonise my country and mystically forgive and justify everything that anyone can do against it and against me for that matter..

i am not pro-israeli.. i am israeli.. its not about being pro anything..

but i also dont go out there portraying arab society in a disparaging way.. i dont show the flesh of jews who have been lynched or kids who were blown up in buses and birthday parties.. nor do i tell you how arabs should simply stomach pain that comes their way..

on the contrary.. i express my sadness and sympathy.. because it happens to us too.. hence the nickname "cycle of violence"..

no one has a monopoly on injustice or suffering.. but when someone tells me go to mirvat's site for a fair assessment of what is going on.. i will reflect the same sentiment that i have right here.. its not fair.. its not balanced - its dark and driven by your decision to demonise israel..

i have said this to you countless times in the past and have no problem doing so here.. if you think that is akin to addressing your character then thats your issue..

interesting also that you call it an israeli assassination.. it just shows your frame of mind.. i could do a million bad things and hurt people in countless ways due to my allegedly rotten character.. but for you - its just another israeli crime.. because thats it.. we're israeli and hence we are bad.. being israeli is the cause of all evil..

dude.. if you want me out of your blogspot.. let me know.. i wont be offended.. but dont play moral high ground on me knowing good and well that i am not two faced with you.. i speak my mind at all times..

glad you find it hilarious.. i find it tiring.. while i acknowledge your perspective and merely ask for balance and thoughtfullness.. you reject mine outright and refuse to learn anything from the window i open to you into my world..

i should stop here before i type things that dont reflect my general beliefs..

not totally sure why i bother.. there are other blogs where much larger arrab communities hold much more open minds..

Mirvat said...

listen Lirun, of course i'm biased. i don't think we can be completely objective when having opinions. you can't apply a scientific method on morality or your definition of it.

that's why i am more opinionated about the israeli/palestinian conflict. you might think i do it just to demonise israel. i don't. i do it to try and understand why are the living conditions in gaza and wb acceptable. i think you can be safely unbiased when you start from laws. laws give you a starting point to formulate judgement. no matter how i spin it in my head facts are the occupation is against the law. that's my first objection.

we did well for 2 people whose countries were going through war. i never undermined your ability to open up and reach out. yes you do speak your mind here i never said otherwise i just thought seeing this was funny.

anyway, it is tiring i know but to me politics always is. you're always welcome here and i'm happy you're interacting with more open minded arabs on other forums.