Thursday, October 19, 2006

Cognitive dissonance: Modern day racism

No child should die
Not even the brown ones


gitanes legeres said...

nobody deserves to die like that..

Mirvat said...

i think the world is turned racist. the propaganda has done its job linking images from what they describe as 'uncivilized' countries to images of violence in people's heads. that's why Fisk wrote in his eulogy to Beirut, these people are just like you! they look like you! which is so sad..

snurdly said...

Except Jews...they deserve to die like that just like Ahmadinajad said. What a glorious day it will be in the Muslim world when Tel-Aviv goes up in the mushroom cloud, insh'allah.

laila said...

is this normal

Mirvat said...

no it can't be.
illit el 7aya doesn't stop

hashem said...

or really? I forgot that our children are not to die like a mistaken israeli turned-stupid smart bomb....
And the UN will be "shocked".

Lirun said...

see mirvat.. you work with jews - you live amongst them and yet you generate a forum of hatred that tolerates statements about jewish babies dying and you say no children should die but you have NOTHING To say when snurdly says jewish babies should!!

your hypocracy has reached an all time peak..

i hope your colleagues are reading

Lirun said...
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Mirvat said...

Lirun, snurd is being sarcastic. he thinks he's provoking me. he thinks this is what arabs want and i really didn't want to go down to that level but his comment made me sick!

as for living with jews.. yes so? i'm not against any religion and i made that clear before. the jews i live with live with muslims here too. i don't go around and throw anti-muslim allegations at any of them.. we respect the heritage of people and believe it or not my political views are known to people around me who repect that.

the racism today really is mostly towards arabs and muslims.

Mirvat said...

i post a picture of lebanese children being bombed by israel and i end up being accused of racism. this is a perfect example of what my title explains. i think lirun you tucked away feelings of guilt out of loyalty to your country. these same feelings are tourmenting and so you convinced yourself of and alternative reality which you backed up by enhanced beliefs and naionality feelings. very interesting!

Lirun said...

that is so typical of your views.. racism being mostly against muslims..

what an enthocentric view of the world you have.. dude.. you need to travel a bit.. you go anywhere in asia and you discover how much the white man is hated and humiliated.. you go to half the rest of the world and you see how asians are degraded.. go to the states and you see how hispanics have a hard time and then there's africa.. but no.. for mirvat there is only hatred and injustice against muslims.. no one else has any right to complain.. especially not those who muslims hurt because they dont matter..

dude.. you know how much i like you.. but sometimes i wish you could just go out surfing and get tumbled by a good wave to slightly shake your perspective.. you are so locked on the "poor me.. im so hard done by.. oyoyoy approach" that you are blinded to the fact that maybe there are reasons that you get to call yourself "poor you"

and ill tell you another thing.. there are good reasons for that approach not representing all muslims.. not all take that destructive approach - there are many outstanding and excelling communities let alone individuals..

Mone said...

folks Lirun and Snurdly, it is very natural to mourn your own people. Mirvat saw the pictures of these kids and they are from her country, and she put them there in sadness.

I wish you tow can show sympathy..that is all needed when such pictures are seen. You mourn yours, I will mourn mine and we both share sympathies.. then we shake hands and talk on how stupid and criminal to go to war, any war!

Mirvat said...

lirun, if i learned one thing in life is to be focused, i fight one battle at at time. i choose this one like you chose yours.

i'm aware of the racism against many peoples around the world. i didn't expect defending my people for now to be a statement that i don't care about others.

should chavez be quiet on the suffering of arabs because hispanics suffer too. no and he wasn't and isn't. you'll probably attack the man now, don't bother.

so anyway, stupid and criminal to go to war like mone said. snurd's comment was very stupid and insulting in reponse to these pictures being posted and you still didn't apologize for accusing me of approving of what he said. all your other comments, i don't know where you get all this from..

there's no excuse for what's happening in gaza and the west bank today. talk till you're blue in the face.. i don't have double standards about this issue. it's a humanity issue irrespective of where i'm from.

you know what, you have pretty strong views yourself. you're an israeli jew living in israel. do i hate you? no and i don't hate andrey. i have high regards for andrey as a matter of fact. same goes to all people who do not support violence so spare me the whole hate for israel talk please.

hillz said...

lok ya 3ammeh ma ba2a treddeh 3layon!!!

Mirvat said...

tayeb tayeb

Lirun said...

no you spare yourself..

we left gaza.. the moment we left the rockets followed us.. this is not complicated stuff dude.. we were attacked the second we complied with your request.. what part of this dont you get.. we bit tongue for long enough for it to stop.. hamas promised they wouldnt.. then we discover the very people promising are bombing our homes..

we have every justification to bomb gaza.. do i like it?! NO! do i want it to be the case?!?! NO! do i feel sad for every person that dies?!?! YES? do i think that these photos are revolting?!?! YES! and i dont show you what you did to my friends and family because we dont go on catwalk when we get bombed!

my sensitivity is duly expressed in my sadness about this situation and my quest to extinguish hatred.. my point is that your messages do neither.. and they certainly dont pay respects to the dead.. rather than celebrating the tragically brief lives they had.. you condemn them to an image of brutal tissue mishmash.. and that is all that is left.. you desecrate them..

and as for chavez.. he coudnt give a rat's left toe about a single muslim or arab.. he has 35,000 jews in town and 125,000 muslims plus other non muslim arab originating people who are sympathetic.. but i dont think that this is a numbers game.. he just hates the USA and will stand against basically anything that the USA supports..

ive said it before.. get real dude.. take your blinkers off..

angelus said...

salut mirva,
c'est la première fois pour moi dans ton blog,
merci ee montrer cela!!
bon courage et a+

Mone said...

Hi Lirun, The reason these folks are not compiling with your request when you leave Gaza is kind complicated. if you wanna know why. It made me think. But there are few things that come to mine…and not all your fault :):)

1- Your folks have conquered this country. In fact your country Israel didn't exist around 60 years ago. The other folks who were kicked out are still upset, and can't get it in their brains that they need to negotiate since your folks completely overpowered them.

2- The way Middle East handles conflict is with Violence. It is violent violent place. I am not sure who or when exactly, but conquering countries I think happened after the profit Mohammad's death. It did spread the religion with the sword. This perhaps explains our fascinations with swords. Even our dance "Dabka" looks like fighting :)  or in the culture when someone get married you get two people dancing the sword dance..ect
This I think someone really screwed up in deciding to use the sword to spread this religion. It had really bad and powerful effect that is lasting til today.

3- Religion is politics. Your religion is no exception. Your folks used silly excuses that your people used to live there like 3000 years or something :) to go back to this country. How can a country get built on religion? It will be racist. There is no other choice. Couple that with the fact your folks think they are chosen and you get really interesting ingredient 

4- Religion sucks. Your religion is no exception. You like to go to your temple, Muslims wanted to piss your folks when they were in power so they built another thing on top of it and claim God blessed it.. Now you are in power so you are pissed and you want to go to your old rocks while still seeing the Muslim's rocks on top of yours… Don't you think this is really silly? Rocks over thousand of years; two religions fighting over them? I mean they are really cutting each other's balls for it. What kind of god is this? A stupid god???

Now, your saying that you are justified to bomb contradicts that you don’t like them dead. Actually it is really going overboard. In Lebanon I read by coincidence today(And I hate news and politics as you may have noticed by now) that Israel admit of using phosphorus shells in Lebanon ( Why? Why the hell man why? Did it really help that you kill over 1000 and get this country 20 years back for two soldiers? And until now, Lirun, I must say that I was waiting for one comment from you to say you are truly sorry for your government’s work, That is it. Just one Sorry but I haven’t, maybe I missed it and if I did I Am Sorry… On the other hand your folks still demand apologies from the people who abused them in world war II.
Lirun, I do like your blog and your effort to bring the religions or cultures together, but then don’t you think there is some truth to what I am saying?

Peace to you and your people

Mirvat said...

merci angelus

mone, i agree with most of what you said but allow me to add that violence is a side product of all religions and politics (the crusades, islam, early battles between jews and canaanites...)
the bible is full of blood and as you mentioned the early zionist movements succeeded due to bloodshed and massacres. and i really don't think it's just the ME, it's more asceptic when you hear american or britain are bombing than to hear someone got beheaded.. but really the bombs make more damage. so i don't think it's islam alone and i don't think it's politics in the ME alone. look at the bloodshed in india in the british colonial days or any western 'clean cut' violence for that matter.
it's all politics and all movements that use religion to control people in general as far as i'm concerned.

Mone said...

offcourse, offcourse, all religions used and abused god... themselves who did that, I am sue don't believe in god, if they did they wouldn't lie and claim they'r doing it in his name...

Mone said...

Here s few words that came to me, while I look at these sad sad pictures...
Usually I keep poems a day or two before sharing but I ll just spill it as it is, I truly hope no one suffers from war any mooooooore...

Blood on my face
Can't see
is it a matter of time or it's
My destiny
Blood on my face
Can't see
Where are you
I hear you scream
Blood on my face
Below the rocks
Bombs fell..noise in my ears
Can't move nothing in me
Blood on my face
Child breath I hear
Tears I don't feel
Nightmare is it or a reality
Blood everywhere
Am I dead now
Does it really matter
GOD, Someone help me
I never understood
Never had time
And now, laying here
Can't explain this suffering
Blood on my face
Am I dead now
If not
Sweet death come to me

Mirvat said...

oh my goodness, this is so sad but i really asmire your ability to transcend and feel the pain of others! well done.

Rhiannon said...

[whining and whimpering]
'we left gaza.. the moment we left the rockets followed us.. this is not complicated stuff dude.. '

Not true. You never left. Still, you invaded territory, broke sound barriers, and ILLEGALLY occupied the borders, ILLEGALLY kidnapped civilians and imprisoned them, mostly children, and you left your cluster bombs on the land for more children to be killed. The Gaza Strip is just a holocaust prison left by you. Tell the TRUTH FOR ONCE and stop badgering people.

[more of your sick whining]
"do i think that these photos are revolting?!?! YES! and i dont show you what you did to my friends and family because we dont go on catwalk when we get bombed!"


Then why don't you have a heart to heart with your partners-in-ILLUSIONS, Elie Weisal and Simon Weisenthal?

THey are the ones who reap billions annually for promotion of books, articles, press conferences, University-College guest speakers on the continual HOLOCAUST MONEY-MAKING MACHINE.

They are ones who promote, canvass for funds from government institutions the hundreds of HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS IN THE USA ALONE.

THis does not include Canada or Europe, sweetie pie.


Let us also not forget the Zionist entertainment media with its THOUSAND OR SO MOVIES AND MADE FOR TV SPECIALS AND HBO PRESENTATIONS AND TALK SHOWS etc, etc, etc, etc.
of the - you guessed it - HOLOCAUST.

Gee, we don't even make a penny off of our photos. You guys make billions.

Some of those billions goes to 'israel' to make misery for the Lebanese and Palestinians. Some of those billions are invested in the USA military to make misery for the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

What double lives you lead. What double talk! And such a healthy profit for your twisted shenanigans.

Why don't you be FAIR, and HONEST, and SINCERE, and HUMAN, for a CHANGE. Talk to Elie and Simon. Tell them how you don't want your ancestors on the CATWALK, as you call it, ANYMORE.

Can you do that, honey?

Because we are getting might fed up with the 'holocaust' being shoved down our throats every time we turn a channel or read the newspaperm - UNDERSTAND?