Monday, April 24, 2006

when love comes to town

Her friend caught her looking at her reflection
- Whatcha doin’?
- What? Nothing..
- You like this guy don’t you?
- I actually think I do
- So what’s the problem?
- Nothing, it just feels strange, could it be real? I feel like I’m in a dream
- He likes you a lot
- How would you know that?
- I think everybody at that table pretty much knew.
she smiles….

Only when she thought he couldn’t be the perfect man
he talked…
And he spoke the language dear to her heart
He told her she danced like heaven
she thought that he looked like heaven
In his eyes she saw her stories
They talked the night away
He whispered in her ears, and she laughed like a child
He knew her and she knew him…

Girl, where have you been all my life?
Where have you been all mine?
He could read her mind
I’m leaving tomorrow but I’ll be back for good
I’ll be here
You won’t forget about me?
How could i?
So this is for real?
I’m pretty sure…


laila said...

very nice

laila said...

thanks for answering :)

Mirvat said...

read your email sweetie :)

hashem said...

"In his eyes she saw her stories"
nice ya Mirvat....
he'll be back...
I'm sure! :)

Mirvat said...

august we 3leik kheir :)

Eve said...

funny how when you're in love, everyone (at the table) can't help noticing... no matter how well you think you're hiding it.
nice post! although I'm allergic to this kind of statments: (I’m leaving tomorrow but I’ll be back for good) :) do they reallY?

Mirvat said...

no. they don't.
can you stop hoping though that this time, only this time, he might not be lying?

Mar said...

Try not expecting him to come back and marinate in the joy of his return.