Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pleasures of the flesh...

Keep going..

I see a hair
Painted on
Stuck on the tiles
Part of the concrete
heavy smells
the smell of rubber
The stuffy air
Sweat dripping from my neck
And from my hair
Keep on going...

Vessels in motion
And faces with no names
Robotic reactions
unholly interactions
Flesh with no shame
A surfacing face
A lit face
A touch of warmth
A picture in a frame
smiles on the walls
and voices
do not stop

The rhythm speeds up
my heart beats up
a closed door
and bodies squeaking
twirling like snakes
oozing with fluids
of passion and of physical pain
blushing foreheads
frowning eyes
gushing fronts
almost there..

I see the light
Murmurs in the back of my head
My chest is heavy now
My muscles are spastic now
My skin is burning now
My legs are shaking
And I moan with ecstasy
I am numb
I am done
you can stop now..

I light a cigarette
take a shower
And leave the gym.


hashem said...

oufffff...I started to sweat myself!
Thje last sentence was a key.....;)

Ghassan said...

Gym aren't what they used to be nowadays...

Askinstoo said...
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nour said...

i like the way you lead the reader there...

Mar said...

Now that was steamy, to say the least. It's also smoky, with that cigarette in the shower :)

FZ said...

marvelous crescendo, finish
I'd like to order the same gym she's having! :)

Dry Gin Martini said...

no comment

Mirvat said...

just playing. cheap shot i know :)

[ j i m m y ] said...

that's fucking awesome.
now i need a cigarette.

Fouad said...

Mirvat Mirvat... very VERY cheap shot. Plus what's with the pic on top? (hmmm no pun intended there) you lead us astray. But you know what, I still think it isn't the gym you were talking about :)

Mirvat said...

hahaha. this was actually my little attempt of writing a al jimmy. with an erotic twist :)

Mirvat said...

fouad..perspective right?

laila said...

oh well, i started at the end :(
i should stop doing that!

Mirvat said...

bad laila. who starts reading at the end!! you're hilarious