Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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(taken from cafe da's blog)


hashem said...

I put my comments there.

Haider Droubi said...

I think it is a nice pic and not offending to any one .
the photographer wants to say a lot :
muslim women r attractive ….full of desire(like all women)….women r more attractive when they are more covered…
all of the above is true ..and nice ..
the only negative point that might be insulting ,maybe he didnt mean it ,is: muslim women will accept anything ..but still this blind surrender to rules will force them to keep their bourq’ even when they show the rest of their body …
now we cant deny that this behavior exists somehow…. But it is not a general attitude …again …stereotypes are not accepted …
this single negative side that I found ..goes also for men ,,,who would always have their exterior look pure Islamic ,,,but when it comes to attitude …it s not even human

Hypocrisy…. Exist ….others…picture it …
But I don’t feel offended ...hypocrisy exist every where ....

Mirvat said...
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Mirvat said...

the picture is gorgeous. i love lil' kim! also i like da and everything he posts. i think he's very open minded actually. i had a problem with some of the comments that i saw, that's all. it's very true that hypocrisy exists in all forms of religion practices when people stick to the appearances and forget about the real faith, men and women in all religions.

The Eyewitness said...

And the weaver said, "Speak to us of Clothes."

And he answered:

Your clothes conceal much of your beauty, yet they hide not the unbeautiful.

And though you seek in garments the freedom of privacy you may find in them a harness and a chain.

Would that you could meet the sun and the wind with more of your skin and less of your raiment,

For the breath of life is in the sunlight and the hand of life is in the wind.

Some of you say, "It is the north wind who has woven the clothes to wear."

But shame was his loom, and the softening of the sinews was his thread.

And when his work was done he laughed in the forest.

Forget not that modesty is for a shield against the eye of the unclean.

And when the unclean shall be no more, what were modesty but a fetter and a fouling of the mind?

And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.

By Khalil Gibran

Mirvat said...

eyewitness, thank you for this.
actually, there is nothing i hate more than the burqa especially when little girls are made to wear it. i do believe it holds women back but even if i do i would not dream of asking others to take it off because it bothers me.

The Eyewitness said...

"i would not dream of asking others to take it off because it bothers me."
I completely agree with you.

FZ said...

I totally agree. Freedom of self-expression should be one of humanity's basic rights, one we sometimes struggle to preserve. Just left a post to that effect on CafeDa... :)

Mirvat said...

i loved your response fz.
thank you

JEFM said...

- "i love lil' kim! also i like da and everything he posts. i think he's very open minded actually. i had a problem with some of the comments that i saw, that's all".

You shouldn't have a problem. (Just a little bit of UN-ASKED advice, don't take it wrong).

Try not to let what other people think affect you... after all, we all have a right to speak our minds. Don't you agree?

Nice site, keep it up.

PS: The picture is indeed, wonderful.


Mirvat said...

people don't upset me, it's the mindset that took so much work from the media and the western world and that is by all means working that upset me. it's comments from people like you and me that reflect the general feeling and general opinion and that show us how tolerant we really are. i am affected when i see that fellow educated enlightened people stick to what they get from the media and absorb pre-formulated opinions, in this case it was about the integration of the islamic culture.

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