Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bigger than life ...

- Do you love me still?
- Is my name still the same?
- You never say it these days
- Darling you make my days
- A woman needs to hear
- You know to me you’re dear
- Dear? What happened to your muse
- Your love I did not lose
- Tell me then my love
- You are not, anymore, my dreams
You are not a strike of a brush
You do not make me blush
I do not roam the earth for you
My heart doesn’t stop at the sight of you
I do not get chills when you touch me
I do not die after you kiss me
You are now my past, present and future
You are my compass, my address, my eyeglasses
You drew every wrinkle on my body
You fixed my food, my appointments, my children
You were a mother to them and me
You witnessed my peaks and my falls
and you stayed through it all
You gave me your all and all what to be
You are a melody that eases me to sleep
You are a face I embrace my mornings with
You are the reason I keep living
And without you my heart ceases
For you commend him to keep beating
Till death do us part…

She said
this is your father
this is the man I opened my eyes to
this is my husband
this is the man who loved me all my life
he is my unwritten biography
I’ve written it on his forehead
I’ve written it in his every move
Every little habit,
Every look of respect he gives me
He is my story
And he will be the end of it
it’s better to know
the person you love is dead
than living every life’s detail
without you on his side

so till death do us part...

(pic, central park)


Zee said...

Shit, shit shit....
this sounds like echoes - truthful and insane
who is to blame
but me?

Rain is dripping, on black cellophane
while we are tripping to mend the blame
How are we going to entangle the issues at hand
without feeling left stale and bland?
The atrocities of today ore not in the name of politics or religion
but fostered by stallions of no worthy tradition.
We need to live up to this!
Become soldiers of peace, not starting to convey the masses.
but find rest and tranquillity in our own own actions first
Attraction is good, determination is better.
We are sexual beings, but that becomes secondary - the moment
we realize that the magic of souls outlive the sensual.
Blend this!
and say: Ahh, the magic lies between the threshold of super-sensible and sensible perception. The freedom of judgment lies upon you!

Anonymous said...

hey baby
a painter an artist a dancer a poet yet a science freak :) is there anything u can't do ? u're the muse 4 every person that reads ur poetry u inspire people ur poems led tears to my eyes i love u sis and i miss u a lot (the other MIR)

laila said...


Mirvat said...

oh baby, now you made me cry :)
i missed you too sweetie. i'll call you later.
now you only say this bec. your my sis. of course and i'll tell you what i can't do. i can't recite by heart all the lyrics to every 2Pac song there is, i can't tell every remix for every dj out there from the first beat, i can't learn a language in 2 days, i can't make people laugh to tears like you, i can't care for every person i know like you do, i can't drive while talking on the phone, eating and putting on makeup :)
kiss dani for me, i was thinking of him today all day and is teta good? i saw her in my dream.

Mirvat said...

et bebe, dis T. que je l'embrasse

Ghassan said...

Miro!! I missed you too!
Did she say "you are my last name"

hashem said...

are there more than just one amazing "Mir"?

Mirvat said...

hashem, this is my baby sister

abhay k said...

Realities of life...when everything feels familiar and experienced...

Mirvat said...

yes, in that we find ourselves, our truth and safety