Sunday, April 09, 2006

Mon frere... mon petit..

My love exhibited a heroic effort today. He resisted temptations and avoided altercations against who wanted to do us harm. Some ill-spirited creatures who wanted to see us apart. In my eyes he had grown immensely. Today he is a better person than me. I will say it to the world like I said it before. He undid so many prior injustices and past misunderstandings. He was a hero. He was a giant. He had risen above human ulterior motifs. Rest assured I will never forget this. He gave me a gift. He gave me the gift of a lifetime. I am proud. I am touched. He was there so many times before to save me. Today he saved us. He believed in us. How I wish for every human being to experience the kind of connection we have. How we hide the mutual respect and the self-sacrifice in the corners of the walls that we built separately. How I hurt when I hurt him and he feels my pain. How he cries if he comes short and I ease his worries. How I am a better person when I know him and when I love him. I will forever be indicted of not loving him selflessly enough. I will forever be grateful for his mere being.
Oh how I wish for you to have a fraction of what we share.
Only a maternal love would ever compare.
I pray, my baby, for you,
my little brother.
I pray to the goodness in me and you
and i pray in my heart
my little dysfunctional heart
that my eyes will see yours through

and he responded...


hashem said...

that's a hell of a love ya Mirvat..)

Mirvat said...

the real one hashem. the love of patience and maturity and clashing and crashing and recoiling and hiding and exposing and choosing choosing choosing. the love of the mind and the spirit and the soul. it does exist :)

Mirvat said...

it's the love of your family :) who said we don't choose our family. we constantly do.

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