Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wait. Stop. Go back..

Here’s a revolutionary article for you.
This article shows that certain events in the cell cycle that have long been assumed irreversible may, in fact, be reversible. For as long as i can remember, we assumed that protein degradation towards the end of mitotic events commits the cell to cell cycle exit and cytokinesis producing the two daughter cells. This article, and for the first time, challenges this dogma showing that, even past the cytokinesis checkpoint, the reactivation of a protein (cdk1 through inhibiting the degradation of Cyclin B and artificially washing out the direct cdk1 inhibitor) would rewind the process and takes the cell back to mitosis. In theory, as always, this process qualifies as a gold mine for anti-cancer therapeutics. This is as big as gene therapy and taxol. The problem that remains, though is to device a concept of a drug that will keep cdk1 active. This cannot be done through the inhibition of Cyclin B degradation by inhibiting the proteosome machinery since protein degradation is needed for many other events in the cell. Also directly inhibiting Cyclin B might cause problems to normal cells.

Aside from the implication in cancer therapy though, for now, this is a jaw dropping find. This is a typical example that shows you how little we actually know and how fascinating and complex all these cellular events are. Enjoy the read and watch the movie.


hashem said...

looks interesting!
I'm on call tonight, i'll try to read it. the abstract looked so promising.

Fouad said...

Can you imagine what will be of science in 50 years Mirvat? we know so little it's almost laughable. Great article, consolidates my belief that there will be a silver bullit one day.

Mirvat said...

it does fouad. it shakes ones confidence in what we know, which is always good.