Friday, April 21, 2006

She just wants to play...

In all seasons,
she will play.
From time to time,
she might sing.
She will look up to the sky,
and twirl.
Talk to the birds,
in her heart.
She would run,
in the wild.
Hug the trees,
and hide from bees.
But she lives free,
free as a child...

In all seasons,
she’s a child
she is carefree
and she’s pure
she has a white dress on
and she lets nature
draw on it
the most colorful painting
she kisses flowers
and drinks from the rain
she loves the sun
and loves to run
and she lives the beauty
of being a child...

In all seasons
and through all times
she needs protection
she's born to be loved
she doesn’t care for war
she wants to play
she doesn’t like blood
she is not to be raised on hate
don’t fight for her
she gets scared
she cried for other children
who die for her
she thinks they kill in her name
and she hides her face in shame

What are you going to say to her,
When she grows

and she knows?

(Picture: central park)


laila said...

i love the pictures, so cute!

nour said...

u remind me of the song Seasons by Grace Slick
which happens to be playing now on itunes...

nice picture...

wonderful post...

hashem said... don't know....
stay innocent....
stay a child....
For a change, spare us the speeches....the living for a matter what cause....
can you?

Mirvat said...

hashem don't worry, she has it better than we do :)