Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Des millions de larmes

He said he had to leave
In her heart she knew why
He had to leave
He could not understand
Why she kept still
Why she didn’t move
He will, one day, understand
That their story had passed
That he still lived in the past
Her sadness doesn’t matter now
Her laughs don’t inspire him now
And her little habits bother him now
He had found a home
Away from hers
She took him in her arms
And she choked
She can’t show her tears anymore
She had shed too many tears for him
Over the years
He took her in his arms
And he shivered
She had never seen him cry
She never will
He was a stranger
The dearest stranger
‘Call me’,
and she gives him one of her best smiles
‘I will…’
‘I do this for you’
‘yes love, and me for you’
they were quiet
their love is bigger than words
he can feel her
she could read him
and she was calm
for the first time
she knew she would be fine
she had him in her heart
and now he was before her eyes
but she was ready
this time she was ready
to send him away
she didn’t go to the door
they promised never to say goodbye

with all that I am
all the love,
all what’s left of the memories
the dreams and the whimsical gestures
the crazy expressions and the childish laughs
all the mistakes of the years
all what I know of love
all what I will never know
with the secrets of women
the tears of men
the morning light and endless nights
the smell of the beach
the songs you sang for me
the books I read for you
the stories we told
side by side
to so many friends
in so many places
for our tree
that is now green
with every breath I missed
when my eyes lost you
with every laugh you laughed
at me when I was scared
for the days of longing
and the time of belonging
take me in your arms
my love
one more time
before you leave…


hashem said...

ah...the tree...again and again...
when things fall apart,
and we're left to collect the pieces,
live the memories,
I guess you are strong to live them again..
Even in a a picture...
and share them.

Mirvat said...

we're nothing without our memories.

laila said...

beautiful ya zghiri.

Mirvat said...

thanks layoul

FZ said...

"she could read him
and she was calm"

these are such haunting lines, mirvat. the poem is alive, the pulse so infectious. i love the way you trace and capture the tensions of love between men and women.

Mirvat said...

thanks fz. i knew you would relate to it :) i think we both are writing the same love story. i realized it when i read your first post.

FZ said...

i agree. more soon! :) fz

Askinstoo said...
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