Monday, April 03, 2006

He will not leave me
He will never leave
He kills me everyday
He had killed me before
He loves himself through me
And with it I suffer
He wants to see me suffer
He will not leave
He thinks he lives in me
He thinks he gives me love
He will not live without me
He will not stop
And he will not rest
Until he sees the end of me
He wants to live inside of me
He wants to make me punish him
And he tortures me
Forever punishes me
I have nothing to give
He left me with nothing
He had consumed me
and i cry and i scream and i suffer
And he does it every day
And he will do it to the day
Where all will leave me
And I cannot leave
And I will die if I leave
I have to stay
And it kills me
He kills me
He had killed me before


hashem said...

again, Mirvat....
that was strong....!

kojak said...

Some of these are wierd...

Mirvat said...

this is about my job!

Mirvat said...

it's not true though, just letting out some steam

rouba said...

blogtherapy :)
nice post!

Mirvat said...

thanks rouba. blogtherapy does work!