Friday, April 21, 2006

Some selections for Zee

From the Koran:

“Be kind to parents,
and the near kinsman,
And to orphans,
and to the needy,
And to the neighbour
who is of kin,
And to the neighbour
who is a stranger,
And to the companion
at your side,
And to the traveler,
and to that your Right hands own.
Surely God loves not The proud and the boastful” (The Women)

“And We sent,
following In their footsteps,
Jesus Son of Mary,
confirming The Torah before him;
And We gave to him The Gospel,
wherein Is guidance and light,
And confirming the Torah Before it,
as a guidance and an admonition
Unto the god fearing”
“And We have sent down to thee the Book
with the truth,
confirming the Book that was before it,
and assuring it.” (The Table)

“ It is not piety, that you turn your faces to the East and to the West.
True piety is this: To believe in God, and the Last Day,
The angels, the Book, and the prophets,
To give of one’s substance, however cherished,
To kinsmen, and orphans,
The needy, the traveler, beggars,
And to ransom the slave,
To perform the prayer, to pay the alms.” (The Cow)


Samer said...

Here is more for you Zee!

"He is All-Forgiving, the All-Loving" (85:14)

"God guideth him who seeketh His good pleasure unto paths of Peace"

"God is with the good"(29:69)

"Those who believe and do good works, the Infinitely Good will appoint for them love" (19:96)

"God loves the just" (5:42)

hashem said...

Thanx, Mirvat...You said what I was thinking...

FZ said...

ilovethese--thank you for selecting them!

Mirvat said...

samer thanks for your selections.

hashem, i tried to find the relevent pieces in some suras.

sure fz- these little selections are some of my favorites

Samer said...

I was invited to a church few weeks ago to talk about Islam. I used almost the same verses from "The Women" and "The Table". People were so amazed that those words are from the Quran. People in the west have a wrong idea about Islam not because they don't want to know, but they have very few sources to inform them.

Mirvat said...

that's true samer. aside from the media influence and the political agendas and from the image some islamic fundamentalists helped propagating, why do you think that is? i mean why aren't informed open-minded people more intested in learning about islam?

Samer said...

I think it is Muslims' fault in the first place. To give you a slight example; In 1990 the prince of Kuwait donated $1M to the Zoo of London. One Million. Not a penny for a film or a documentary that shows people the true face of Islam.Not even about building bomb shelters for the chidlren in the South .
That is in addition to, the empty minded fundamentalists ( with all my respect to empty minded people) who contribute a lot to that image of Islam.
I think it is just convenient for open-minded people not to worry about Islam.

Mirvat said...

that's true. i was telling a friend that i feel really good about our generation who would hopefully make a difference in terms of changing the image that the west has on islam and on the arabic culture. hopefully we won't forget our roots though like a lot of people do

Samer said...

As long as there are people like Mirvat, I will not worry .:)

Mirvat said...

and you samer :)