Monday, April 17, 2006

Une soiree avec le fabuleux monsieur Bassil...

- Let’s go to the cafe des arcades. I love the atmosphere over there.
- When is Carla coming?
- She’ll join us soon. She went with Jackie for some Couscous at the Cartier Latin. You know Jackie, the girl from Chile.
- Yes sure.
- I wanted to go to that club yesterday but the hostess said “ici madame nous avons une boite strictement pour garcons homosexuals”. I didn’t see what the harm was with us girls going there. I wanted Jackie to have some fun. She was very upset after all her money was taken. We ended up going to Versailles for the night. The ride was longer than we expected. We got there too late and we forgot that the subways here don’t run all the time. Finally we found a park across the street. On the way there we got terrified at the sight of the gruesome ghost-like windows of the chateau. Suddenly we start running. We slept on a bench in the park and we froze up. At 6 in the morning we went to hide inside the metro station and then we made it to the tour. Where were you yesterday?
- Lana wanted to see Hugo’s apartment. We did that since it was free then we took a walk at Tuillerie and had ice cream. At night we went to duplex. We would separate and she would seduce guys to buy her drinks then we would share them. How is your book coming?
- It’s going well.
- I added a character in my play that was inspired by you. This play has to work. The tv show will stop soon. Who was the guy who was with you the other day?
- It was a guy we ran into at rue Pigal. Since we’re absolutely broke, Sylvain managed to trick him into inviting us to lunch. He couldn’t resist after watching him buy all this soap. We were so embarrassed though when he wanted to take the lift up to Montmartre and we could not go along with it. The pennies we had put together would not make the fee. Sylvain told him that I was dying to go to pere Lachaise so we ran away. I hope I never see him again in my life. We’re living like bumps here. I think it’s time to go back. I’m stuffing my purse every morning with the free crumbs we get at the youth hostel. I have to walk from Porte de Bagnolet to Pasteur to go see Sylvain every morning.
- At least you know Paris very well by now.
- It’s time to go home.
- I have to finish writing. What happened to the guy you met at Monte Cristo?
- We met again the day after like “les amoureux des bancs publics” on the first bench. We had drinks and we danced with some strangers. He was very charming and he had the most contagious smile I’ve ever seen. It felt like love at first sight. While saying goodbye, he kept waving to me like he wouldn’t want me to leave his sight and agreed to another date. The next day I had a cold. It was last Monday when it was raining. He took care of me and got me a cab. I didn’t have any money for the cab though but I couldn’t tell him that. Luckily he was on my way so he took care of it. I told him that I was flying the next day and he got so upset. We were almost in tears and didn’t want to leave each other. He gave me his phone number in case I come back one day. Before I left, he hugged me for a long time, with the meter running, like he never wanted to let go. Then I found out that I was staying and I was so excited to the idea of seeing him again. So I rang him over and over and no one came to the phone.
- Oh well...
Good Toni is here. Maybe we can get him to buy us dinner.


Ghassan said...

UH, Versailles! (brrr)
You brought back a lot of memories... it's true when they say a woman's memory is like an elephant's...

Mirvat said...

hope you have a better day today. call me if you want to talk

Anonymous said...
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