Sunday, April 09, 2006

To Robert and Anne...

I had an evening of typical Lebanese animosity and bad news
that will resonate
for who knows how long.
Did not care.
I went out on the town.
With my favorite buddy.
To my favorite place.
Still is
and will always be
like a lebanese wedding
my favorite place
Had a couple of beers.
Ran into the dearest couple.
Tonight they are.
Her with her relentless innocence and beauty inside out.
A half Lebanese half American Shakira loving goddess
And him.
The lovely.
The man who dances on the bar.
To make us laugh.
Who curses us out left and right.
To make us laugh.
And with the gorgeous lovely couple
we dance Dabke.
and he yells at Ziko
asking for 3arabe
Just back.
With a heart full of hope.
In people, I will always have hope.
And I’m tipsy on life
And I will always celebrate people
And friends
who will join me
As long as we dance
On each bar of this damn city
And every city
I will always have him in my heart
And in my conscious
For him I live
And I drink
For him I survive
But meanwhile,
dance with me
raise your glasses
and laugh
My hips can’t lie
and neither can yours
tonight is for life
tonight is for innocent laughs
beautiful friends
and a promise...


Ghassan said...

Promise what?

jij said...


FZ said...

love the photo and the text...

Mirvat said...

baileys with cinnamon on fire :)
thanks fz
gus a good promise :)

hashem said...

I loved the short sentences....
very nice

Mar said...

Celebrating people and friends is such a joy to me too. I enjoy your writings I see a big part of me in them.Keep on sharing your mind.

Mirvat said...

thanks hashem

Mirvat said...

will do mar. thanks

Anessa said...

Just saw this for the first time..... speechless!

When we left Falucka last night the first thing I said to Robert was, "Mirvat seems like one of those amazing people you don't meet that often... I hope I just met a great new friend"

Mirvat said...

thank you sweetie, i feel the same about you guys. such great people and i really am very happy that i met you both.