Sunday, April 16, 2006

Our lazy sundays

- I had another nightmare last night
- Again?
- Yes.
- What about?
- I don’t know. It was very fictional and inexplicably scary. I kept seeing these two persons, who have never met in place or time in my life, and both were implicated in issues that will harm me, in the dream of course.
- It must be this movie you saw. It was very dark and a real downer
- I loved the movie though. You didn’t understand the symbolism maybe because you slept through most of it.
- Probably.
- So happy pass over by the way
- Thanks
- For the lack of knowledge of a better greeting
- Good enough
- I took your jelly beans
- No, give it back
- No
- Give it
- No, they’re mine now
- How come
- Well, I’m the Israel of jelly beans
- Oh yeah
- Yeah
- How come we can’t share? Our jelly beans will co-live in the same container
- No, you might have the yellow ones. Mine will surround yours though and I might eat some of yours too.
- Oh yeah, my jelly beans will suicide bomb your jelly beans
- You said things will be fine by the time my hair grows down to my shoulders. Well things are not changing.
- Yeah, stop cutting your hair. So you’ll see him again?
- What happened to the other shoe?
- Same as the other glove
- I never have a pair of anything
- What are you going to name the other cat?
- The other cat
- Why did you get it?
- Two is better than one. They will keep each other company.
- But they’re killing each other
- Eventually they’ll give up
- No they won’t. So you’ll see him again?
- I heard you the first time.
- And?
- And I didn’t answer the first time
- Answer me, this is ridiculous
- No this is private
- What’s so great about him anyway?
- He’s a concept.
- Why couldn’t he be more
- I don’t want to ruin him
- How so?
- I want him to stay a vision, an illusion, a dream of a life and a promise of happiness. I want him a moment of excitement and joy. I want him a sensation before the lips touch, fingers cross and bodies embrace. I want a reflection behind stained glass of a perfect man. I want pieces of a puzzle and no clue how to solve it. I want him a mystery.
- And how do you ruin him?
- I don’t want to reach the bottom of the well. I don’t want to know everything he does or plans on doing. I don’t want to foresee his every step. I don’t want to know his face more than he does and know how he looks on the inside more than he thinks I do. I don’t want him to stop talking about me to his friends. I don’t ever want to be ‘the other one’. I don’t want him to lead an existence without me even when he’s right in my face. I don’t want to know him in and out. I don’t want to be so vulnerable to him just because I know what goes in his head. I don’t want to lose my ways because he knows me better than I know myself. I don’t want to waste another ten years of my life.
- So you’re trying to protect yourself
- Once and for all
- You’re jumping way ahead
- You don’t say
- You can’t live without love forever. Go see him.
- I probably will.. Now where’s that shoe?
- Give me my jelly beans I give you your shoe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mirvat,
Browsing around lebanese bloggers, me lebanese in Panama, central america. Missing the motherland, missing it so much it hurts...anyway, just wanted to drop a line and say i was here, cool blog, keep it going..cheers

Mirvat said...

thanks anonymous. it'll get better. the missing part. just give it some time :)

Ghassan said...

Le petit prince on your windowsill

Mirvat said...

no he's gone..