Saturday, September 16, 2006

Walk the line… The messy crazy bipolar line...

A blank page.
Pages haunted with nothing but few
Sprouting nothing but words
Words drawing nothing new
The silence becomes a weight
Plum skin in my throat and purple color of fear
A belt and a book and a paper in shreds

A door on the floor and the sound of the sea
What drowned is far to be found
A silver spark where it slips through
Spilling the screams out
Molding rocks and twirling
Pictures racing through
Just a nightmare
In the space
A red feather on a blank wall

A skip and a beat and a shameless face
Nails slitting a rip in the space
Peeling through layers of torment
Luring the gods of confusion
Crunching illusions and wrenching lies
And twitching scars under the ties
Lazy bodies on blank sheets

I pace the room
Tea with lime
Sleep is a luxury at this time
I flip through some pages
The two sides of one truth
The dawn

Always perfect. I overslept today but woke up to a gorgeous sky. Perfect lazy Saturday.
I made spinach and mushroom stew then I went for a walk. Even in the heart of the most urbanized most automated most artificial New York I feel,

The roots of life peaking through
The pulse of nature blessing our every step
I take a minute to breathe in… everything around me
I keep it in and I walk racing...

And I think about all the things I’m hopeful for, the things I live for, the things I love. The things I am thankful for...

So without construction or structure or plans or pretenses or pretexts…
Without a start or an end or a defined path…
Without judgments or stern ideas or stern looks or hate
Without stress management or stress relief or symptoms or evaluations
Without room for intimidation or indignation. Being assured but not overly sure
No regrets, no remorse, you did your best and you have time for more
Without staying over the top or under control or within the limits or in line
I walk the line… thankfully…

Thankful for still being totally and completely in love with my family. For not once having to call my mother out of nothing but love and respect and eagerness to learn. For having loved my father.
For my sisters. A hip ever crazy ever happy and upbeat never defeated never out of life and energy stubborn deviously smart opinionated hotheaded generous forever caring and giving and loving sister. And another… A mom. The one who now reminds me of mom. The warm smart wise always right always sure always secure organized traditional but forever surprising.
For my mother. My pillar. My strength. My logic in a world of chaos. For the tip of her velvet maroon robe in the winter that fluttered warmly around us and wrapped us with love. For giving trust and respect. For daring to stand for what is right and for setting yourself up as an example. For the distinguished smell of home

For all of you phenomenal Arabic women.

And also thankful
Thankful for a moment of truth.
For mercy and forgiveness and patience and understanding.
For giving chances and taking away fear.
For being able to taste to smell to see to hear
For smiles and hugs for a moment of victory
For success over silence and stillness and homogeneity and conformity
For fairness and modesty without being apologetic
For beauty all around us and for wine
Yes wine
For the miracle of life, the miracle of the mind, the miracle of humanity.
For a light from within
For a light from the skies
For the mountains kissing the nose of heavens
For sunsets and freckles and tears
For childhood
For an artist in every person’s life
On this day even just for walking
And tomorrow who knows maybe for dancing again
Dancing on the line
Painting patterns drawing out of memory and nostalgia
Drawing out of hope in new beginnings
Drawing from blank


Ha Ana Za said...

How lovely! This is so full of optimism amd positivity that it really made me smile. I also love the picture.

ghada said...

... for seeing you again through your words

Zee said...

This is uplifting, spiritual, hopeful.
I mean, Mirvat - you have said your state of mind with words of wonder, acute, distinct and at the same time subtle.
Thank you for being you.
Pearls don't tarnish...

_z. said...

that's beautiful.
I could hug you right now.

good writing mirvat.

Mar said...

Hugs, tight! Amazing... the way you express yourself.. amazing.

I miss New York, and especially now, Autumn....savor that for me..

Lirun said...

i seriously rarely understand your poetry..

always sounds like your just coming onto me..


Mirvat said...

ha ana za, thank you, happy i made you smile :) love the name!

goug i miss you babe, guess we never change and this same girl still loves her friend

zee thank you, hope you're feeling better

_z i'll hugg you but do you have your pants on today ;)

marmoura, khalas i will.. got a call from a friend in dubai today. i should introduce you to those people.

lirun, what? you consider yourself blank? i told you not funny dude!

Fouad said...

I really don't want to be too complimentary, bass you have a way with words ya mirvat that I have rarely seen among blogs or elsewhere. You encourage others to publish their work, I say you should put your poems and other pieces together and publish them. Plus you're prolific beyond compare, so this should be a walk in the park to you.

Mirvat said...

coming from the brilliant fouad, this is the best compliment yet ;) thank you.

laila said...

tab w ana i want to compliment you :)
this was unbelievable, i got goosebumps when i saw the maroon robe

Lirun said...


Mirvat said...

layoul thanks habibi
shou your mom had one too?

_z. said...

eh eh lebiss lebiss :P

Eve said...

mountains kissing the nose of heavens :) love it!

FZ said...

love this-- esp the mushroom spinach stew. sounds so cozy! the sun that saturday was so wonderful