Monday, September 18, 2006

Tete-a-tete with Henri Cartier Bresson

Rome days were almost over
Hot dry sandy old Rome
One restored site to another
A rendezvous with Giuseppe Cavalli
From Vatican city to Piazza Venecia
Renaissance in the Palazzo de Roma
Against the Fontana de Trevi
A trip back in history
In the eyes of Henri Cartier Bresson
At Palazzo Braschi...
Times and places and faces…
Of how greatness looked like…

It’s the 50’s, Simone De Beauvoir at Rue Schoecher. So this is how she looked like… Albert Camus, Christian Dior and Edith Piaf in Paris. Edith Piaf looks so young a fresh unlike the tragic face she wears on the theater. Truman Capote in New Orleans.
It’s the 60’s, Igor Stravinsky is in California, Coco Chanel, Jean-Paul Sartre at Pont des Arts and Jean Genet at Café Flore in Paris. And there is Marilyn.
It’s the 70’s, Pablo Naruda having coffee in paris.

Rooms and rooms of stories hidden in faces throughout the years. Faces that defined philosophy art beauty and taste.

Get his book.

(i took the pictures in upper left and lower right in palazzo Braschi, Rome. Rest or the pictures by the photographer)


rouba said...

awwalshi i like the new look - very chic
ba3den, this is freaky. i was just trying to remember the name of this photographer, JUST NOW, and i open your blog - et voila!
(i wanted to post one of his pics)
ouff - blogpathy :)

Mirvat said...

thanks roubs
and wow really? i was blown away by this collection.. it was the highlight of rome for me imagine?!!

AM said...

Great photos :)

Do you want to know what happened to me each of the 3 times I've been in front of the fontana di trevi? lol maybe not.

Mirvat said...

what am?

AM said...

Each of the 3 summers, I dragged them all there, ignoring the nagging and the 'oh nooooo, we've been there already', just to sit on the stairs and stare at this marvelous work.

I have no idea as to why -among all the architectural wonders of Rome and Florence (note that the latter is my favourite place in the world)- this fountain just gets me to sit there for hours staring at it with no movement whatsoever and without any hurry or wish to leave. They do the rest of Rome while I am there, just contemplating it.

I just stare, fly in time to a completely other world as if I once lived or belonged there. Something just keeps me clued until I am dragged out of there by force.

And on the way back, how do you answer the 'what the ... happened to you there?!' ... you just don't.

Mirvat said...

and at night, it's a different scene, creatures drawing creatures and shapes with the shadows..and you almost want to have it all to yourself but you share something with the rest of the people there that makes it worth the crowd.. it is magical!