Thursday, September 28, 2006

That night…

That night
She let him in without words
She waltzed across the room
Smooth steps but oscillating stares
Her black dress fluttering around her legs
September rain coloring her window
The color of her eyes
Hiding her dissonant heart beats
She walked
The silky hand of fate will follow
Will soon follow
But tonight there was no room for words

Tiny roses on his lips
He called her name…
Has she really known him
For all these years
Doe his hands get weary
Holding her dreams
Embracing her fears
Tapping on her back
Tapping on her days
Tapping on her door
Every night?

That night without words …
Was he really in that room
Or was it the wind that wrapped her
With a taste of his demands
Was it his flesh under her nails
Was it his scent that left her senseless
Was it a song that gushed her tears
Or was it the sight of her sheets
Covered with darkness
Leaving nothing but a shrine
Of his eyes
Leaving nothing but the echo
Of his voice…

Was it the tip of his fingers
That numbed her body
Or was it September?


Ostfen said...

deliciously painful and nostalgic:)

Ha Ana Za said...

That's intense and passionate- it really sort of pulled my heart-strings (if that makes sense)

laila said...

off topic, gonna be in NY this weekend, sat evening till sunday noon
r u gonna be there? ud better be.
how long has it been like 6 years? cant wait to see u

AM said...

I don't know whether to cry or smile ... brought back painful memories while reading ...

Mone said...

Beautiful, you r a natural poet my friend..nurture it more and more

Mirvat said...

ostfen thank you

ha ana za, thanks .. and sorry or good depending on which strings i pulled

layoul might be able to do diner on saturday.. call me hayete and we'll see... are you staying with anny? i'm gonna see her tomorrow so we'll figure things out.

am, sorry :)

mone thank you

FZ said...

lovely words & silhouettes mirvat...
looking forward to the edward said film tomorrow :)

Mirvat said...

thank fz
see you there

Ghassan said...

it's definitively september... the wind. sometimes gentle... sometime wild.. do you feel molested all the time :)

Feras othman said...

first time i pass by your blog ..,and i am sure it won't be the last

nice words, describing the fact that we always try to recognise whether things are tangible or intangible .

i do invite u to check my new blog i guess ur opinion has value :)

Mirvat said...

gus intruded yes :)

firas, why is your name so familiar to me? thank you and i'll definitely check your site

_z. said...

very erotic.
wake me up when september ends.