Friday, September 22, 2006

Ramadan Kareem

Despite all the turmoil...

"The President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, reveals in an interview to be aired at the weekend that, soon after the terror attacks of 11 September 2001, the United States threatened to bomb his country "back into the Stone Age" if he didn't offer its co-operation in fighting terrorism and the Taliban. The revelation was made by General Musharraf during his visit to New York for the annual General Assembly of the United Nations. It comes after a week in which the US has been criticised by a number of foreign leaders for trying to impose its will on other nations." read here.

"The bad news is that Mr. Bush, as he made clear yesterday, intends to continue using the CIA to secretly detain and abuse certain terrorist suspects. He will do so by issuing his own interpretation of the Geneva Conventions in an executive order and by relying on questionable Justice Department opinions that authorize such practices as exposing prisoners to hypothermia and prolonged sleep deprivation. Under the compromise agreed to yesterday, Congress would recognize his authority to take these steps and prevent prisoners from appealing them to U.S. courts. The bill would also immunize CIA personnel from prosecution for all but the most serious abuses and protect those who in the past violated U.S. law against war crimes." read here.

"The republic of fear is born again. The state of terror now gripping Iraq is as bad as it was under Saddam Hussein. Torture in the country may even be worse than it was during his rule, the United Nation's special investigator on torture said yesterday" read here.

May your future holidays be free of threats, tortures and occupations.


Hamze said...

I see that you're a great Bush Fan :)
I know what you said is not funny, but sometimes, this guy just defies all my attempts to comprehend someone like him. So all I can do is just shake my head and smile.

I admire your blog. It is as usual, elegant and up to the point..

AM said...

Ramadan Kareem :D and 23ade 3a2leh ;) haha.

AM said...

I am not replying to the political stuff you mentioned in the post, I am SO NOT in the mood for it anymore, just wanted to wish you :D

Andrey said...

Now it's time to bomb the jornalists for their contribution to the terorists :)

_z. said...

Ramadan Kareem sitt Mirvat :)

Ghassan said...

ramadan? already!

Mar said...

Ramadan Karim 3al kil! Same wishes stated in the last line :)

Anonymous said...

kol sana wento tayebeen
ramadan kareeeem 3la muslims jews and chirstians
enough with ploticis let's have some relaxtion

FZ said...

Ramadan Kareem ya Mirvat!

Mr. N. said...

Eye openning.

Ingrid said...

Ramadan Kareem! See, it helps to go around other people's blog. I posted on Rosh Hashana and Ramadan and did not know how to wish anyone a 'happy new year' or 'blessed Ramadan wishes' or something to that effect. I do know all about eid mubarak of course. When I lived in Saudi Arabia, it was a really nice time during Ramadan. Ofcourse, ahem, I wasn't fasting, but the festivities (ie. the food!) when we were breaking the fast with Muslim friends was superb, but most of all, it was the feeling of a holy time. A purposeful time. That might be difficult to achieve when you don't live in an Islamic country. One of my Syrian-Canadian friends was always really good about Ramadan; he'd not only work full time, night shift, he'd go to school (computer science) during the day time (afternoons)..all that while fasting. I remember being really impressed with that. Sorry, memory lane walking here.
Darlin' Mirvat, Bush is an idiot. He was 'shocked' to have heard Musharraf say that, yeah, well, so am I..NOT!

Mirvat said...

thanks hamze, i love your blog by the way, just saw it today

am, alla akram, i know.. i get tired of it all too :)

andrey how charming :) thank you and thanks again for your courageous, selfless and very inspiring gesture on LBF

pareillement zouzou :) xoxo

ghassan yes call your mother

yin3ad 3layki marmour

anon, kolli sana winta tayyeb ya habibi wel 3eila wel as7ab salmeen

fz thank you, i'll make sure to tell you if we had an iftar diner sometime in the city. ramadan kareem

mr. n. when you think of all of it at the same time.. what's next yeah?

hey Ingrid, ramadan kareem. i remember the festive mood and the food.. the feeling of unity, family all around you and a real holy feeling around that month. my favorite part was the meal before dawn. i felt like a short break before waking up for school in the morning :)