Sunday, September 10, 2006

Un peu retro...Un peu folle aujourd'hui

You say we remain timeless
you say you follow my every clue
You say we were a compass
How can i deny what's true
But darling this restlesness
Is a fire not for you...

Padam padam tu sais?
Et je t'aime toujours
De l'aube jusqu'a la nuit
Comme Jacqui l'a dit
mais tu sais mon amour
que je n'ai jamais pleure
Pour ne pas etre seule
Alors avec les mots
De nos amis
C'est vraiment pas fini
cette petite comedie...

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FZ said...

i love how you weave the past/present together so eloquently

Zee said...

Mirvat, I just listened to this song over and over again even though my french has become awfully rusty. The mood was all that counted.
Be well. L.

hashem said...

so nice Mirvat....3an jad.

Mirvat said...

fz, are you saying i'm a slut? hahaha.. just kidding.. thank you and thank you again for being there during the war.. in spirit and solidarity i felt that you were with us.

hey L., i love this song :)

abul hish thanks, we good luck eh ;)