Saturday, September 09, 2006


You know very well things have not changed since that day
The tide still brings me back and the winds take you away
As we always meet for a promise for a lie and for a smile
As you safely criticize what you didn’t and won’t know
As you dwell on the past and as you hide for a while
And you follow some path from the sun to the snow
Days and then years wrapped a precious memory
Around and as the times changed we curl down
And we regress and in sterile lands we digress
We desecrate the remnants of a beautiful fire
And we see a little dream around the desire
I see the dream getting tighter every time
We were not perfect even in our prime
As I wrote romantic lines in my day
I could not… Ever write you away
Your story brushes not my soul
Not my heart, but my senses
What’s missing is still not
There, why can’t you
see how you made
Me see that we
Had to go…
I say,


(Picture in Heidleberg castle last May)


Zanzounito said...

He won't ever be written away, but will always have a cozy spot in your heart (and mine)..let us concoct a heart-mending elixir!

Lirun said...

im in eilat by the red sea now in a hotel called prima music.. its a retro outfit that plays golden oldies in the background and reminds me of the "ryatt" in LA on sunset - the hotel dubbed so for the psychotic fits of the rockstars that visited it in the past..

anyway - over looking the aqaba-eilat gulf and reading your poem with ella fitzgerald blowing notes in my ear through the frosty speakers was kind of cool..

thank you

ps - yeah i know.. blogging between dives.. how lame ;)

Ibn Bint Jbeil said...

mirvat, very nostalgic poem for me, takes me back 20 years to my teenage years for some reason, when spitfire and a certain innocent passion where the primary drive.

lirun, i'm also sitting in eilat, flying the palestinian flag from my hotel penthouse window. it's a giant flag, almost as big as the giant hotel itself. it casts a cool comforting shadow over its children. can you see the flag fluttering? it shall never leave the skyscape.


laila said...

very nice mirvat

_z. said...

chou baddna na3mil fikeh ya mirvat...
I love it when you write like that!

very nice post. is the picture yours or just a random pic off the net?

good job ya binet.

Eve said...

great work shaklan wa madmouman. I love how you finised it off.

Lirun said...


sorry - i cant see it.. im back in telaviv now..

hope you had a good time..

eilat was full of arab tourists strolling the promenade.. im guessing most from jordan..

was very cool..

salamat habibi

Lirun said...

but just to avoid any doubt.. are you now saying that eilat is occupied palestine as well?

AM said...

Very 7elo!!! :D

I am going through exactly the opposite, I WANT lol.

Zee said...


Mirvat said...

zanzounito, you're right they always do.. i mean they get there in the first place for a reason..

Lirun thanks, so you're on a vacation while you should be helping the people in Gaza? how are you gonna have the peace you want if you don't start working towards it?

Ibn thanks, though far from my teenage days but it doesn't hurt to keep a heart of a teenager these days :)

thanks layoul, i like laila more than mononoke.. but you know that..

_z thanks. the picture i took in the heidelberg castle this past may.

eve merci habibte, the shaklan and madmounan bit is so funny :)

am, thanks and good luck! have to tell us how that goes.. yalla poetry please.

zee thank you.

AM said...

naaaaaaaaaah, no can do poetry ;)
i'll leave that to you.

Andrey said...

lirun: you can find a cartoon from al-manar on, about ancient jews living in vilage called eilat. (some of them become piges and apes in the end, but the do live in eilat)

Lirun said...

shukran ya koval.. ana bahibak..

thats heart warming.. ;)

i guess i am a failure.. because my friends and family in eilat are no form of quadropede.. nor do i turn into one when i get there..

mirvat.. ya ochti.. you can shoot me down all you like..

you can blame me for every wrong.. but i dont feel guilty for holidaying in my country or elsewhere.. when was the last time you went over to gaza and helped out? huh? what exactly have you done to solve anything? i'll tell you.. while i m making friends with people across my divide and seeking to further understanding.. you busy throwing nasty kalam at me..

i still spend hours a day trying to convince people like you that we will all be happier if we aspire to peace.. but i also do practical stuff.. and i dont just donate my earnings to jewish people - i give to foundations everywhere.. how much did you pledge after the tsunami to the survivors in indonesia.. or the poor afganis that froze to death last winter..

whats the size of your overstated humanity mirvat?

or is it just kalam.. your poem is indeed hilu.. but really.. its just kalam..

you know i love you ;)


Mirvat said...

am try and you'll see :)

Andrey nice to have you back in the fight!

Lirun, chill dude you're on vacation.. i'm not about to tell you about the degree of my involvement or help, i think that's the least we can do and there's no point in bragging about it. like i said before i appreciate your good intentions but i think we have a duty to understand the real issues behind the resentment on both sides and to face the problems and try to find solutions instead of ignoring all that and throwing blame at the 'others' for not wanting immediate unilateral unfair bullshit peace packages they get thrown at them that's all :)

Lirun said...


im not on vacation.. it was just a weekender..

but chill i do in any event ;)

i am not blaming anyone.. you know that i mean well and you also know that i seek peace..

im not sure we understand all but i do think we know many of the real issues.. what we lack - to my mind - is a frank and honest expression of wishes and desires.. through the heat people excrete all sorts of ideas that intimidate the other and we all end up missing out..

this morning on tv - commentators were discussing a replication of lebanon in the territories.. at first i felt ill.. but he hastly followed with an elaboration confirming that he was referring to the large international peace keeping force.. the commentator said maybe waiting for security before discussing borders was an error because the PA simply is unable to establish security..

truth is all options have been tried.. we have built infrastructure for PA in the past.. we have tried to annex and turn it all into one country.. we have tried to separate..

in my mind all the stratgeic options have been explored.. but the hearts behind it have not..

never was trust established properly enough to withstand the road bumps along the way..

my hopes lie there.. i hope that we can learn to treat eachother with respect such that the suspicions will fade and the obstacles before peace will clear..

for me this respect starts right here.. in blogworld.. i dont need to tell you - you've been to my blog before..

have a good day ;)

paris parfait said...

Powerful, wise words making a very poignant poem. Amazing photo too!

Mirvat said...

thank you T., always great to see you here :)