Tuesday, September 26, 2006


- I am working just to pass the time but I’m not working towards anything these days
- Me neither. I think we’re afraid of graduating
- I agree. We have been students for so long.
- I don’t want to face what’s out there
- I am almost sabotaging my thesis
- It just feels so comfortable and safe now
- I think we don’t want to grow up
- To be an adult now?
- I have so much to read up on for work and I can’t do it
- I know me neither. I keep taking time off. I’m not functional
- I actually read about everything but work these days
- Anything but science
- I think we’re going through quarter life crisis
- You think?
- Yes I am sure
- I heard about that before but I don’t know what it is.
- Me neither actually. I should read up on it.
- Then we definitely need some time off. This is a crisis.

(Gus took those pictures of us at a party in my apartment in 2004. At a time in my life when everything made much more sense)


Zanzounito said...


I swear, this sounds like a conversation I just had..you don't happen to be tapping my phone?

My thesis is going well, I just finished the title ;)


laila said...


Ha Ana Za said...

Love the photos! And scarily it also sounds like a conversation I just had with a friend...spooky huh?

_z. said...

Quarter life crisis... I was talking about that with my friend last week.
(I think it goes along the same lines as mid-life crisis, but without having to buy a porshe or cheat on your partner). we both graduated last year, and still struggling to strive in the real world... the non-student (easy, safe, well known to us) world.

the routine of the professional world is not too "nice". I miss academia so much! I am definately going back, right now I just need to concentrate on having some money :P
I totally identify with this post mirvat, mech ma32oul... your non-political posts are very close to me.

Ghassan said...

I took the pictures!!
it's not as bad as it seems you know... life just gets better and better... Ahhh *sigh* life, I love it.
(help me. I'm a prisoner. more than you can imagine. call the embassy. erase this comment)

Andrey said...

Since I am also spending my time, and endangering my msc (im young :) ), I would like to ask you an intresting (to me) question.
Could you please comment this?
Have you seen this?

hillz said...

my thesis is not going well :S
starting to panic.
I hope it's the big knot i have to overcome w ba3dein btetsahhal ;)

Mirvat said...

makes me feel better that we're all going through this :)

zouzou i know where it's coming from and i guess i'm not fighting it.. i'm discovering what it requires and along learning more about my own fears and hopes.. it's all good.

andrey, we don't talk politics on this blog :)
the first link scared me actually. i don't like to see anything that memri picked up usually but i noticed this on Iqra' channel which i know is a channel on muslim teachings. i used to watch some educational programs on this channel but i never saw anything like that before and very few are the people who would encourage such a behavior or such thinking even people who are very religious. not the muslims i know.

as for the second link, you do realize these are politicians too right? hamas or not, ideologs or not, the fact still is that they were democratically elected. your logic would allow me to say that palestinians should go and overthrow the elected israeli government and punish israelis for electing them because this government has ill intentions towards the palestinians.
you say you believe in a 2-state solution. that should start from a real conviction and with that comes a conviction of the independence of the palestinian elected government and a respect to the will of the palestinians.
after that what? is israel going to disarm its military? no.. so what are you afraid of? even if the leaders say so most palestinians are oslo arabs. even arafat turned into one eventually.

Andrey said...

Here is an intresting thing:
according to google and the new live.com search, you are the most famous "Mirvat" in arab world!

Andrey said...

Here! That was a comment not about politics :)

Mirvat said...

andrey that would be mirvat amine :)

Eve said...

oh no, the forbidden T word!!

The Eyewitness said...

I think it is worse when you graduated and still afraid to take a decision.

Mone said...

Hello Andrey
The answer to your question is simple.
First any religion including Judaism has its own fundamentalists breeding and breathing somewhere. Actually negative energy is found everywhere you look, you can search the net and find negatives in every culture and every society ever existed. So why bother searching on that negative energy like you are doing? DId you get it in email?
Now, back to the first link you submitted, the little girl is saying proudly (as she is taught by the girl next to her) that she hates Jews. Why did they teach her that anyway? I assure you It s not because of a religion difference. Buddhism, Taoism and other religions are rarely mentioned in this type of teaching. The answer is politics. Religion again, has nothing to do with all of that. Politics does. What is politics? it is doing anything in your power to get to where you want.. has nothing to do with the truth..with real religion. What is the politics behind the little girls comments? and why she has been fought that way? Answer is easy, go the web, type Israel atrocities to get few hundred thousands hits such as : http://www.halturnershow.com/IsraeliAtrocities.html
So, if the atrocities didn't exist, in my opinion, this type of teaching would die off slowly no matter what.

On a similar note, current religion teaching is all screwed up. Every religion think they are the best. Judaism think they are the chosen people, Christians say you need to believe in Christ to go heaven and Muslims say you need to be Muslim to enter the gates of heaven. All ego based and fictional to say the least. Real religion, Real Truth, is simple and teaches one thing and different mystics can't express it differently. In my opinion real religion can teach only one thing, how to be happy, full of joy.. and what is the secret to get you there..On the other hand current religion teachings all missed the point, and instead are powerful political tools instead...

So I invite everywhere to differentiate between religion and politics...Once you do, you won't find it strange when you hear a comment by such group, or find soldiers killing in the name of god or whatever...


Mirvat said...

what mone said :)

Mone said...

You just added one of my favourite songs of all times..