Monday, September 11, 2006

My Love and my Life

They say all babies look the same!
Please!... Who said that?
How can anyone see them with my eyes?
How can my eyes see them and not smile
And not cry.. How can i not lose my mind...
When one cries and the other giggles
When i spoil them
When they say my name the first time
When they won't leave me
When one holds my hand
With his tiny hand.. All day..
When they hide in me...
When they trust you, when they know you
They can comfort you and take you away
In their little world...
And you want to give them the world
And save them from the world...
How can i not regret every minute spent away from them
Away from my soul, myself, from my love.. From my life...


_z. said...

allah ykhallilik yehoun!

w... 3a2belik!

Emil , Jerusalem said...

Charming photos ...

A smile of a child is priceless.

Wishing you all the best and a lot of smiles.

paris parfait said...

They are gorgeous! Beautiful sentiments too. xo

Andrey said...

Today, we mark 13 years to Oslo agreements...

Eve said...

I'm imagining you with three sons and one daughter, shu ra2yek? :)

Zanzounito said...

Mirvat, are these random pics of kids? Eve is right, you should have lots and lots of kids :)

Lirun said...

hey there are children on my post today too..

dude this is turning into an xfile!!


Mirvat said...

thanks zouzou, i seem to think about them all the time these days.

thanks emil.

Thank you T. so much :)

andrey, yes thanks

eve, leish el aza :)

zanzounito no these are omar and dani my nephews..

lirun, yes i saw.. weird..but i saw yours.. it was 2 days after mine and about a different topic so don't push it. i agree the first one was freeky..

Enriqueta said...


nice pictures and great writing.

I got your email and for what ever reason it was deleted. Sorry I meant to respond to it directly. I appreiated the comments and we do have so much more in common than not!!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for it and things are progressing.

As more comes to be I will keep you updated.

love your heart
peace and blessings=)
Enriqueta "Q"

Mirvat said...

thanks E.
well i just wanted to thank you for your email and tell you that i appreciate what you do.

Enriqueta said...