Saturday, September 02, 2006


Seasons have changed. Have they not?
It snowed and it rained
And it rained and rained
Through the years
My heart remained
With you

Do you not remember?
My Turkish coffee out on the balcony
A tea for you…

You will always be like that
A marguerite in a field of roses
Your light shines through your paleness
I read between your lines
I do not undermine… The language of silence
Do not be petrified by the flick of my lashes
Drawing a lazy interest
In you…

I wore my age backwards and stretched out
My back on the chilling beats of your heart
Do you not feel the change?
Walking down the years…

Longing for you
Before we even met
Young hearts and passion and
The world ahead.
A black box. An Arabesque fountain
Where you danced for me

Drunk with life
Drunk with pride
A red bag. A red roof
An isle that carried words
Lyrics and charcoal lines.
Our room furnished with
Faces and stories
and Callas
A triangle of confusion and tension
And walls of lies
Gods of pastries and cherries on ice…

A glass of white and Italian accents and skinny shoulders
A box of pictures and pages of folded memories.
Some lines you wrote for me
And lines I wrote for you
In my smiles

A cabin in a midst of fluff… the world reduced to bluffs
Stone-arched curves, where we carved our voices
A well of forgiveness where we wished for light
Shoulders thickening in the storms
Your body lying on my Bordeaux
Sharing a bath of pains
Cinnamon pine for Christmas and seeds of pine for poison
Our waves at the dock
And he sings the blues
While we invent the rules
Of tenderness

A broken engine… A broken back
You tears wiping away my awkwardness
My elbow warped behind the shelves
And your eyes on me
Telling him to leave me
They said a love was born
They still say it today
And we laugh…

A brown bag on the 101 steps
In the wilderness… with a chuckle
Some broken notes and a tango
Your shoulders became thicker than mine
Do you not realize?

How I held a sentence just enough
Just long enough
To hide your fate behind its letters
To paint your days in five letters
Short of a lifetime
To wane your fears with a short embrace
Warm enough to dissipate your uncertainty
Hesitant enough to keep you packing
And leaving
Have you not understood?

Wooden floors the smell of cement the smell of gas
The smell of exhaustion
The sand washing our worries
The bench on Pigale is where we met
The bench of luck is where I left you
And we always meet at benches
And my eyes will always meet yours
Behind the glass
Of moving wagons, of cold steel,
Of the rushing hours….
Do you not hear the echoes
Of the past?

And when you finally open that black box
When you learn to read my lines
And when I flip through your pages
Long enough…

Go wait for me on the balcony
My coffee will be next to your cup of tea

powered by ODEO - (Astrud Gilberto/Gentle Rain)

(pic. Wilfrid Hoffacker)


laila said...


Mirvat said...


laila said...


hashem said...

it's beautiful Mirvat....
my question...when can we be over our past?

Lirun said...

hi mirvat

you are clearly in love with me..

thanks for the poem ;)

Mar said...

Wow :) Your imagery fascinates me mirvat.Some of these lines express my current state of mind and body.. past, present, packing, leaving, never met, black box, pages, seasons, change...

Mirvat said...

thanks abul hish.. no we can't and we shouldn't.. my past is mine, it's what i have and it's what i draw from for the future.. it changes though from something you you live to something that lives somewhere in you..

Lirun, can't sleep the night dude!!

Marmoura i told you we're leading parallel fates now :)

Ghassan said...

let me digest your words for a while... every word of yours is a memory, is a treasure... Mirvat, with all honesty you made me realize how rich we are! you are the curator of a life...

Lirun said...

camomile tea witha dash of lemon and royal jelly..? seems to help the rest of them

(there must be a 1000 ways to spell camomile - drives me nuts!)

bless ya cotton sox mirvy


Lirun said...

ps - thank you for your comment on my blog.. i loved it..

damn i hope i dont start needing the camomile the way things are going :)

Eve said...

"Go wait for me on the balcony
My coffee will be next to your cup of tea"
and they say a tea and a coffee persons can't mix! habbeit! :)

Mirvat said...

sure they can eve :)

Lirun, i liked your post. seems you were pissing off here and then going and being all nice on your site. but i still stated the problem. and that it will always be a problem as long as things remain the same.

chamomille, no try a couple of lapses in your pool.. the one next to the palestinian ghetto..

Lirun said...


you are a shocker..

wasn't seeking to piss off here.. but was seeking to defend my country against blatant hate posts.. it doesnt change my desire for peace.. and that is what my blog is about.. its not about politics or describing "the solution" but merely a forum where people can make it clear that peace is what they seek.. i think not enough people understand that the other side is interested in peace and i think that if they did - they could learn to trust eachother and they would be less concerned about their demands and more about their futures..

i cant speak for the "other side" - im not even qualified tospeak for my own.. but i can speak for me..

Mirvat said...

again sounds good Lirun.

sorry if you found some of the posts here to be hate posts. Aside from politics, the 'hate' posts were a mere representation of what most Lebanese felt during this war. that's why i started by saying, see how bad it is!
not to encourage hate but to reflect the current reactions.

Lirun said...
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Lirun said...

no probs mirvs..

venting is better than many alternative methods..

vent on..

i know your heart is in the right place..

in the meantime - if you can find someone to translate that norwegian article about me on my blog id be very grateful

S.Hamid said...

it is a nice words..
I like it very much.

Mirvat said...

thanks seraj

inmotion said...

Mirvat, I'm impressed once again.

You show this ability to move easily between commenting on social aspects of a war in an in your face format and the format of a heartfelt poem ..

Its uncanny how it resonates so loudly with me and with many others I'm sure

It's like you're speaking to each person personally ..

It's how I felt.

This isn't praise nor is it a request for you to acknowledge me as another blogger you've already surpassed that and touched my heart with this ..

I have read it over and over again ..

mish tabee3e sho 'areeb 3al 'alb

Mirvat said...

babykaos, you're too kind :)
thank you for your words.