Tuesday, September 19, 2006

My sleeping pill
(link in title)
Voltaire also said "clever tyrants are never punished" so ITMFA!


Khaled said...

I don't know how true is this. But I know that those who win, never punished... Even if they were as idiot as the strogest in the world now. Bas Allah kbeer, and He will not allow them to pass without punishment... Do you still remember somebody who's called Areal Sharon?!

Anonymous said...

You take pills
I drink
nothing works.
Peace is not a matter of bodily rest,
unfortunately ...

I'm trying to remain optimistic - Bush will find it's wrath.

Mar said...

You-Tube doesnt work in the UAE,in addition to a long list of websites. Yuck!

Lirun said...

khaled.. so tell me.. why was allah so mad at hariri who lived less years and died a more tragic death than mere poor health.. i neverunderstand why people romanticise the connection between life span and political failure..

i am glad sharon pulled us out of gaza.. not sure i know anyone else who could have..

its funny.. because our psycho fanatics say the same about sharon as you do..

so is one of the groups wrong or can you both be right? do you not see the irony?

wishing peace to all of us inspite of you


Enriqueta said...

If I clicked right and you are refering to Keith Oberman, I could not agree more. If its somthing else sorry!=(

The President should apolgize link?

When I watched it live I was rather grateful he spoke up!

It was very disturbing that he snubbed Colin Powell the very man who lent his service duitiful. That he hung out to dry in front of the UN.

I hope more sound minds will come to the surface.

He fooled some but people are waking up!

Mirvat said...

i have to agree with Lirun on this one. i know khaled your heart is in the right place but i'm afraid we can't just hope for each leader to have a natural death and take comfort in our belief that it's divine revenge!! sharon is a criminal and the proper justice would be to have these criminals thrown in jail and humiliated.

Khaled said...

Mirvat, I didn't say that we just have to hope to get rid of leaders! I didn't say that we have to wait them till they dai naturally, also!
but don't you think that there is a strang system in this world where every tyrant has his own punishment?! I don't want to be like those who say un-rational things, but life has its wysterious ways!... Hitler, Ceausescu, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Najibullah... etc all of those didn't die naturally... The People did the Job...

Mirvat said...

khaled that's true (didn't pol pot die in a house arrest?) but i guess when one man kills another, the victim's family is satisfied knowing justice will make sure the criminal gets his punishment. when one man is responsible for the killing or the torture of so many people, no punishment is enough for me.. it becomes beyond this individual.. it's the injustice of humanity and no god does justice at the end after letting all the murders take place and the poor people die..