Monday, September 18, 2006

It's beautiful... We love it!

The U.S. Postal Service expanded its Holiday Celebrations Series on August 12, 2001 and issued the first American stamp to commemorate a Muslim Holiday. In response to that, Azeezaly S. Jaffer, Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications for the Postal Service, who will dedicate the stamp. "The Eid stamp will help us highlight the business, educational and social contributions of the estimated six to seven million Muslims in this country whose cultural heritage has become an integral part of the fabric of this great nation."

W. Deen Mohammed, spokesperson for the Muslim American Society, said: "It is beautiful. We love it."

It’s beautiful. We love it. How sweet.

Today I was shown by an American Jewish friend a series of correspondence that was sent to her. The letter was, in her words, the most hateful most racist comments about Islam calling upon people asking now people to discontinue this stamp. It was very ridiculous to see these people fighting this battle now. The letter used all colors and captions and highlights possible to bring the reader’s attention to how Islam should be hated and not celebrated since these are the terrorists who are ruining the American way of life. I dismissed it as a small group of fanatics till she told me how far this had been reaching and who some of the people voicing the outrage are.

I never take a defensive posture when I fight for what I believe in but hold on for a minute here. This is not politics. People are genuinely convinced that Islam is an evil religion. Where is this going? Have we already forgotten the last time we decided to persecute people who follow a religion different than ours and how that ended? There are 1.2 billion muslims in the world according to the Council on American-Islamic relations. That is 22 % of the world’s population and the second largest religion after Christianity. There are around 1.8 million muslims in the US. Are we going to drive them all to the sea? Let's all be very careful here before we get humanity into another global crisis. What can we do to release the building tension before it's too late?

After I saw that I searched American stamps representing Jewish holidays and I saw this, “the U.S. Postal Service unveiled a new series of "Holiday Celebration" stamps in 1996* with the debut of the first stamp commemorating the Jewish holiday of Chanukah, the Jewish festival of lights”

I still thought, cool, how sweet…


Andrey said...
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Lirun said...

hey topsey mirvey

i love how in every bit of sweetness you always find the sting..

gros bisous ma biche
shana tova


Enriqueta said...


oh miravet...

I wish I could write in Arabic some funny lines...

Now you asking the right question.


Are you seriously surprised at the notion that Islam is considered evil?


I told you Americans do not seperate the Muslim, Arab, Islamist.

It sucks but it is the truth that is why education and talking are vital.

I was speaking to the president of our seminary about how we have been hyjacacked and our vote is being taken for granted.

Religion mixed with politics is not good for America I for one cannot wait for the 08 elections...

It is also why you want to teach me about you and I want to teach you about me.

I asked you how many evangelical christians do you know?

We are like you are not all in same pot but we are lumped and I and lirun have this in common. It maybe the only thing=)

You should be nice to lirun as flirty as he is.. btw,

dude why do you not just ask her out already ...stop the baiting.

Maybe if the two of you can get together..that might be the peace for the ME we all have been waiting for...LOL.

I am sorry I just had to lighten up my mood with you.

I do not like being is not me.

when you are serious about what to do let me know.

I will be having the forum in the spring.


Anonymous said...

what am I missing here.. the stamp reads 34 cents, and this hasn't been the stamp price since 2002 if I am not mistaken. Maybe it was August 12 2001? 2002? do you have a reference for this story mirvat?

Fouad said...

hmm.. don't know what happened bass this was moi

Mirvat said...

fouad here,

hey E. yes i'm always surprised at the level of hate we reached.
and i'll figure out another way for peace before i date Lirun ;)
just kidding, Lirun has a lovely girlfriend we just like to tease each other like that.

Zee said...

I feel like a complete moron repeating myself again and again: Politics the State and Religion should be seperated - not only in the US, but all over the globe.
What good does it do if a postal service commemorates this or that religious holiday? What buiseness is it theirs anyway? None whatsoever.
Put a snowflake on the stamp for winter, and it will be up to myself how I celebrate that occasion.

Ingrid said...

How nice, and in time for Ramadan as well. It's probably also in time for all the 'eid mubarak' cards that will be sent or am I being cynical?? Still, it is nice and it is beautiful..

Mirvat said...

hey Ingrid,
god i'm worried thinking what's written in those cards for us ;)

but back home at least the eid used to be one of my favorite times of the year ever. the lunch at my teta's house with all the family gathered, we all had new clothes and looked our best, people hugging and giving each other gifts.. the social visits with chocolate and the holiday pastries..

Lirun said...


she's not my girlfriend yet.. you still have a chance ya hilua.. hehe