Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Know you did us wrong
so wrong
for we have not known of a bigger injustice
nor shall we
for as long as we survive
nor shall we forget
nor shall we forgive
nor shall you rest
on the rubbles of the hearts
nor shall you see us
for we look like you
nor shall you know us
for we will embrace you
but damned you are
and your children after you
by the tears of the orphans
that you made us
damned is a nation
built on blood
and doomed you are
stranded in a sea of hate
more polluted your soul is
than our Mediterranean
the coast dampened
by the smiles of the angels
wears the black
and mourns your eyes
and the eyes of your children…

Death toll:

- 831 in Lebanon, many of them children, 3225 injured (> 750000 in Lebanon displaced)
- 19 in Israel
- 176 in Gaza

Read this article by Justin Raimondo.


Zee said...

I am glad you find those words, the way you put them together, simple and profound ...

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU.. For all you r doing

Eve said...

with all this anger inside of us, forgetting or forgiving seems a lot to ask... don't they know that?

FZ said...

mirvat check this great post--

laila said...

mirvat keefik

Mirvat said...

mnee7a 7abeebte we inte?