Saturday, August 12, 2006

Inside a Lebanese heart

Have you not seen
before you killed?

Have you not noticed,
that place on a baby’s neck?
That place of extra fat
when he lays calm
On his daddy’s chest
And the place between his fingers
Where dirt settles as he makes a fist
For days
And it’s too tiny to separate
Too delicate to clean

Have you not seen
How a kid looks up to you?
Trusts you to be good and to be fair
How he can’t conceive you will betray him
How he doesn’t know betrayal
Do you know he has no defense
Do you know the defiance
Of a kid
And it’s too dear to break
Too noble to crush

Have you not known
Have you not known an old woman?
Have you not had a grandmother
Do you know how her eyes
Are full of affection
Yet full of disappointment
How her helplessness like that
Of a child
And it’s too sad to ignore
Too real to deny

Have you not realized
How heartbreaking it is
When you humiliate a man?
That the tears of a man
In front of his children
Make the heavens cry
That a man’s dignity is like that
Of a god
And it kills you to witness
and it changes you forever

Have you not cried
When you killed a mother
With a baby inside her
When you prohibit the use of dead embryos
And when you prohibit killing unformed embryos
Yet you reach with a hand of steel

of frozen times
With a smile of death
To a mother’s womb
And you rape the life out of a baby
Who found refuge in the place
He thought safe
The body of a woman
Blessed by God
He thought
And it’s too late to forgive
And it’s to grave to forget
And it kills you inside.

Loves gained: 4 millions
Loves lost: one.


_z. said...

and again I say:
I love to read you like that. wonderful post. sweet and defying.
kifik ya benet?

Eve said...

beautifully painful Mirvat...

pepektheassassin said...

God bless the world.