Thursday, August 31, 2006

Leaving you with some selected readings:
Reclaiming The Issues: Islamic Or Republican Fascism?
Bigotry and Ignorance of Islam
The Big Lie About 'Islamic Fascism'
Islam In Europe (the social aspect that might have facilitated the political game)
Can you really not see?
A taste of the Israeli terror

(picture, Wilfrid Hoffacker)


hashem said...

have a good rest, M
you, and we, need it!

Eve said...

et tu Mirvat ?
yalla take a time to breathe. we'll be waiting!
P.S. ana kamein baddeh break :(

Emil , Jerusalem said...

Have a nice time off , rest from politics and here are some pictures for you ( not mine )

_z. said...

good luck, have fun, be happy!

Ostfen said...

Great pic. Enjoy, you more than deserve it:)

gitanes legeres said...

shou el "bad news"????
dakheelik, a3sabna ma bte7mol..

i hope all is well ya mirvat

laila said...

mirvat shaghalteh lbalad :)

Zanzounito said...

take care mirvat!

Ingrid said...

Mirvat, I've seen you post on different sites and with your visit to mine followed you 'back' here. Although I have been to the lebanese blogger site before. Great article, the one from Clearing House. So many people are pretty ignorant about Islam in general that you could actually make things up and those people would believe it. I just started reading Howard Zinn's history of the US, 1492 to the present (it was written a few years ago) and it is a bloody history. I am originally from Europe but those European/Anglo/Spanish 'noblemen' were an arrogant and ruthless lot! Let's hope that with the advent of the blogosphere (which has been around a while) more people are becoming more knowledgable about the rest of the world and the other religions in it. Here in the US, they are so easily dismissable for them.
Pls visit my site again, I'd love to have your feedback although from reading your friends' comments, you seem tired of politics.. I hear you loud and clear. I love it, and I hate it! It's all about balance and focussing on 'good' things as well,
see you around,
Ingrid, fellow Capricorn (I sooo dig your comment on your profile, miss restless, that's me!!)

Anonymous said...

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