Thursday, August 03, 2006

CNN… A window to the future… minute by minute updates here.

Since I came to this country, I learned what CNN was all about...

The first time I heard about the twin towers, I didn’t know what the twin towers were. Coming from the Middle East you know that Bin Laden is an American creation. A couple of days after the 9/11 tragic fiasco, Sharon was on TV defining the Islamic axis of evil and soliciting the world’s sympathy. A two in one package in the spirit of a war-guided PR campaign against the Islamic street and with the knowledge of the influence of the Israel lobby in the current administration, I knew back then what to be expected.

Then Bush had his famous crusaders speech that he later apologized for. Bush is largely supported by the red states but surprisingly even the democrats of the large blue east and west costs were supportive of his election just for the mere fact that, pushed by the pro-Israeli neo-cons Woolfowitz, Chaney and the sorts, he would start the war on Iraq, which was becoming a threat to Israel. We watched the Iraq “terror” propaganda unfold. We saw the WMD case get wrapped with the 9/11 incident advocating an eminent threat that made sense to the mentally challenged.

With time, of course, it started to unfold. No WMD but who cares.. More and more stories about discrepancies in intelligence and lies and lies about 9/11 even… but who cares… what’s done is done… The public is too short tempered and short sighted and busy busy busy.. busy working from dusk till dawn to be able to afford all the shit that you need to have to complete your fruitless existence. Look at Iraq now. People say the result is a disaster for Bush and I say well how do you know that? This might be exactly what Bush wanted, chaos and modern day colonization played upon the argument that these countries could not control their own people (Cuba would be next just watch).

In a joint press conference testifying at the senate hearing, the generals are saying a civil war might be erupting in Iraq, no shit!!! 100 people die every day and Rumsfeld told us not so long ago from the parallel world he lives in, as Zakariya put it, that the results could not be better there. Today, With Rumsfeld smiling in the back, senator John Warner, the chairman of armed forces committee, answered a question about the government’s role in Iraq by saying that the Lebanese government is still functional and it only needs to get rid of its militias. When the reporter corrected him, he goes.. well yeah I meant Iraq. Remember when Bush kept mistaking Iraq for Iran, well no mistake there, Iran is next.

I think we should start considering these little mistakes as signs, the same as the leaflets dropped by the IDF. There is nothing you can do about it but be ware that you were warned. In a recent article by Cockburn he mentioned a quote from Clarke, “Wesley Clarke is now saying that back in late 2001 he visited the Pentagon and was told the planned hit list included Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan as part of a five-year campaign plan. Two down, five to go” and so here you go…

It is clear now that with the function of the American press, CNN became like a crystal ball. A place where I can look to predict what will happen next. Based on the amount of time and money invested in the propaganda you can anticipate the next war and extrapolate the possible damage. We know the war on Lebanon was all about Iran because we’re Lebanese and we understand our regional politics, but we could have as easily understood that from the non-stop pictures of HA fighters depicted as an Iran-funded “terror” organization.

Syria was recently called by the president of the United States of America a state of terror. So the whole state is “terrorist” so watch as the Syria/USA war unravels as well, or continuation of sanctions to say the least. So Hamas, Hizballah, the Iran army, the Syrian army, AlQaeda, Taliban, Fath, PLO, IRA.. who knows the Cuban army, the Venezualan army, the Chinese army and of course the North Korean army are all terrorists.. maybe the Swiss guard of the Vatican, after all they are a small insurgency and they did fight a mighty army in the past with ferocious force driven by ideology.. And they wear weird outfits.

What you don't see on CNN...

Shouldn't the purpose of journalism to question the government? This IS a faschist country.

Nasrallh is always a step ahead.
Also after Israel's threat to hit the center of Beirut, Nasrallah said today if you do that we'll hit Tel-Aviv, he added note that this would be a reaction and not an action. He said we will be willing to stop fighting if you do. The headline now is Nasrallah threatening to hit Tel-Aviv. The American administration is whoring Israel for war and the media is not showing people the road to peace. After the headline, Nasrallah's threat, they go straight to Condi said we want peace. Nasrallah also said, it is not Israel, Israel is just a tool and Olmert is a fool. Israel will suffer for days to come, for future generations. It will suffer the hate of the world just because it is being used, through Olmert's thirst for power, by the bloodthirsty administration in the USA. The USA refused Israel's request to pressure Syria to exert some influence on HA. The USA asks Israel to hit "terrorist cells" in Syria. Nasrallah is right. He asks the Arab leaders not to be fools. Not to support America just to keep their leadership. He says the new "middle east" will not include your posts, it will not necessarily include your countries. Arabic countries are to be dissected down and weakened down and reduced to small colonies based on religion and sects (Iraq). Nasrallah is right but non of this is translated on CNN. Why should they. Leave the people in the dark. Leaving information out on purpose is the oldest trick in the book, straight out lies by the media.

What you see on CNN...

The Israeli ambassador to the UN, a.k.a. the devil, says today that we the Lebanese have to blame HA for our death, that the international community should not hold the low death toll in Israel against them. He also said that HA is hiding missile launchers in civilian houses. Every civilian house we hit has a room for HA’s missiles and a child who sleeps with a missile in the next room is a child who might very well not wake up, he said. ( Didn't Ramon say all the ones left in the South, including civilians, must be HA and so they must die. Didn't they start the war by saying all of Lebanon and Lebanese will be punished? Really no surprise there. Don't they say every Palestinian child killed is a step forward? So why are we shocked? Because the world is silent? what world? Show me a government today that didn't write its modern history books with blood, so fuck that world you talk about.
"Devil" also still argues that Israel needs to defend itself and repeated the idea of collateral damage. (doesn’t collateral damage imply that the undesired damage is a side result to the desired goal? Meaning killing your opponent and maybe harming some civilians in the way?) He still says that Israel doesn’t target civilians and that it is HA who are the criminals using their children and women as shields.

In an interview with Larry King, the secretary of state, a.k.a. ugly bitch, said that the U.S. never opposed a cease-fire. Goes along the statements of the "devil", that they never target civilians.

When the UN post “accident” happened, Christiana Amanpour was covering the event. Her fellow CNN reporter almost pushed her into saying that this could be done by HA. Finally she laughed and said, this was an air strike, but yes we can’t overrule the possibility. Part of the strategy of discrediting the UN observers, an Israeli official said days later, these UN personals used to eat and play cards with terrorists. Yet every time they set their demands, they say implement 1559, because it's a UN resolution, knowing that Israel is in breach of 68 UN resolutions but that doesn't seem to matter.

They mention for a minute the Human Rights Watch report describing Israel’s Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon and then they show a response by the IDF, as if the two parties are equally credible and reliable and unbiased to comment on the matter.

Some questions:
- Tehran would not allow international forces in Lebanon and Israel gets new fighter jets from the USA and says this is America's thanks to Israel for fighting Iran. Are we Iran?
- What's a terrorist? Is it the costume thing? Is it not sexy enough?
- Why not call Fidel a terrorist? A dictator, ok.. Like Saddam.. Killed only his own, fine.. Are you then going to bomb Cuba, take its money, kill its people and put Castro to trial? That's how democracy is born right? Spasms...
- Where is Anderson Cooper shaving when he's on the Lebanese/Israeli border?
-How come the death toll in Lebanon as shown on CNN is always less by 200 people and the injured by a thousand?
- What's wrong with Paula Zahn's mouth?
- If you can make a documentary where a reporter follows the footsteps of BinLaden, how come the intelligence can't catch him?
- Why is the Israeli ambassador to the UN always on TV?
- Why is Bush in the ranch?
- The "devil" gave an analogy equating the HA fighter hiding behind a civilian to a bank robber taking a hostage, he said if you shoot the hostage, it's the robber's fault. Not in any Hollywood movie have i seen a policeman shooting the hostage in the head in cold blood, How is that legal?, especially if the hostage is a child?. That's when you actually get a negotiator, you know like diplomacy for fuck sake. He said that Lebanon is taken hostage by HA, well that explains why they're going to shoot Lebanon now. So the question is, are Israeli diplomats just idiots?
- How do they call Khkhkhizballah cowards when they're scared to death of them?
- How do you fire a katyusha from behind a child?
- What the fuck is wrong with that Australian reporter in downtown Beirut?
- Why do all the politicians look so well rested when we look like crap?
- How do you talk to Syria when you don't talk to Syria and what is Queen Nour doing speaking in our name?
- Why do they have a different title for each war when all our wars are the same war?

My sister's dark war humor:
- we are fighting with a proportionate force, they kill 800 of us, we blow up an olive factory and kill a tree.
- The children of the Intifada responded with stones to bone-crushing rubber bullets, we are responding to cluster bombs with missiles that blow up toothpaste factories in Kyriat shmouna. We're going to fight the Israelis with plaque.


Anonymous said...

wlik ye3borni rabbik

hashem said...

wow....that was feyye oul aktar.

anny said...

it is funny and painful at the same time.... i can picture you asking those questions, that's why i am laughing....painful bec it is sooo F...... true.
i was just talking to my dad and heard a huge explosion, ... then dad with full confidence is telling me "it mustt be a bridge let me go out on the balcony to check which one" .. yep 4 of them.... and i did not even attempt to tell him dad stay inside !!

Lirun said...
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callipyge said...

haha, I almost choked at the "plaque" part. Your sister is funny.

Mirvat said...

m3amelten, fidar, ghazir and what fourth one?

Lirun said...

hi mirvat..

posting this comment is a huge dilemma for me.. i orginally responded to your latest post but as i scrolled down i was horrified by your views..

i find your posts offensive.. i think you bleed further than fact and add a lot of your pain the form in hurtful words that unduly mix metaphors from the past with current issues and take things far out of context..

i can appreciate your pain and i mourn your losses with you.. however.. what hurts me more than bombed buildings and destroyed infrastructure (and mind you i hate the devestation with all of my heart) is the bombed minds and hearts..

but i am not here to argue the demarkation between the facts and their distortion.. the whole purpose of my blogging and to make it clear to the world that i.. as one unaffiliated person - who lives in the heart of conflict - stand for peace and seek it..

in a region where no one believes anyone.. not their neighbour.. not their politicians.. not their families.. all i care to do is clearly and consistently voice my passion for peace.. ponder it.. act on it.. and propose ways that others can promote it with me..

it may be that in your heart you share my cause and it may be that you and i would enjoy a great beverage together discussing these issues over a cafe table.. but your words on your blog are so spiteful that ihave struggled to bring myself To return and post here again..

hoping you are able to resist the hatred that the manipulators of our regions are trying to plant in our hearts.. you are clearly eloquent sensitive intelligent and thoughtful and trust that soon you will


Mirvat said...

lirun as you suggested politics aside.. spiteful would be an understatement in the current situation. i'm never hateful to people like you and me. i hate the governments, i hate the politicians.. spiteful? i would like to see some politicians' heads on a stick right now!
as for mixing the past with the present, i'm not sure what you refer to really so i can't comment on that.
i respect your spirit and good soul. again i wish more people were like you.

Mar said...

Shi b arriffffff! What a world.

FZ said...

mirvat, you are just the best. period.

FZ said...

You know, I haven't had television in my house for more than 3 years. I just just couldn't stand to watch the lunacy anymore.

Ostfen said...

Best satire of CNN i have ever read.
I love your nicknames, 'devil' and 'ugly bitch' and have to say they are very well chosen:)
Christiane amanhpour is the best, though.

Anonymous said...

Chapeau Bas, Mirvat.

Anonymous said...

I have other questions
- Do the retired american generals who claim being experts on war strategics just because they spent a month in Beirut, and use google earth now, know how clueless and stupid they are???
-Doesn't it seem odd and a smart production of CNN news when they show a reporter in Israel talking and at the same time porjecting pictures of a devastated South,Beirut and Bekaa??
-How convenient it is that time runs out when Larry King is talking to americans in Beirut who are against Israel???

Mirvat said...

7ala keefek? what are you up to these days? did you organize the amnesty global vigil?

abul hish thanks

anny, they're crazy our parents. now i feel that i'm the one out of line lamma bni' 3layon. mom said i couldn't have prepared you better for this.

callipyge, yeah she's hilarious. even now i call her just so she'll make me laugh.

mar, i know, i'm erfane min kill shee around me.

fz, that's a good idea. i try not to watch but it's like a masochistic impulse..

ahla bel ostfen, keefak ya 7elo, i think the best is lou dobbs.

manuella, keefek? nshalla ahlik bikher back home? i ask abul hish about you we bitammine. i like your questions. the retired american generals even say, we can win this, we this and we that. battal fee 7aya khalas.. and yeah the time factor is very important in CNN, also a day when 50 and more are killed in lebanon is not mentioned anymore. or they show you 4 windows in the corner, 2 for lebanon, 2 for israel. ours are for destruction and of course devastation, on israel side a fuss about a woman who fainted from the stress.

yeah i have to stop watching CNN, it makes me more angry.

Mirvat said...

fz hayete, thank you so much by the way for all your support and all the information you have been providing us bout protests and vigils.

there will be a global vigil that amnesty put together this monday. i'll post the details soon

and how was the dean obaidallah and co things by the way? i tried to get in but it was sold out a week in advance.

FZ said...

i couldn't go to that comedy show, even though we had tickets... but i should have given them to you! (i've been working double shifts moonlighting at another hospital to get my mind off everything...)

bech said...

Great post.. keep up the good work.. we're all pointing out the mystifiication. prehaps it will end up making a difference..

Mirvat said...

it won't, but it helps to share our frustrations.