Monday, March 26, 2007

What sells?

Even if your heart is in it, even if your hard work and devotion was put forth, it is all in the presentation. This is the American way. It is all about a clean extensive consistent brainwashing propaganda.

From advertising to journalism, bridging the gap between manufacturer and consumer, between leader and followers, the means are by all means and the story behind the news is news in itself. Flooding the markets with rotten products and our life and brains with rotten concepts and mere lies, you have to leave some credit sometimes for their imagination and initiative and their respect of our intellect and our approval. There is nothing I like more than a smart ad. It gives me the illusion that I, as a target audience, matter.

What pains me today though, is that it is all there for us to see. Nothing is covertly hidden for our common basic human taste. The teeth of the empire snatch morsels from the world and it is all done in arrogance and distaste and condescension. How could we not wake up angered every morning when a quick glimpse into media outlets to check on our beloved world throws us in dire despair? It is weaved for you to believe that the world is too screwed up too angry to hateful for you to comprehend and that it should be left for the experts to handle. You are made to believe that you almost cannot carry a sympathy feeling long enough for a people who are trained to hate you and destined to die, let alone carry a thought long enough when journalism gives in to advertising to bombard your life with worries and needs and cheap entertainment.

What pains me is that it is all there for us to see. They are not even trying to cover up. The stupid nationalism that blindly drove us to believe in the absurdity of wars and being ruled and being told what to do and what to say and what to think, the fear that took over our dignity and right to live, the misanthropist drive that closes us up and tucks us in, will kill us all.

What pains me is that it is all there for us to see in so many ways if we only care enough and respect ourselves enough to want to know and to want to make a change yet we choose not to look, we look the other way. We are selfish and animalistic more so every day and we are endangering our kind. They are not smart enough to hide the abject poverty starting here, the injustice, the torture, the double standards, the cries for help from children all around the world.

It really pains me that they don’t care to hide it and that we have willingly given our freedom away.

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snurdly said...

"It was impossible to hold the line All we got was a battering from the Jews."
--John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State, 1956

translation: "those damn Jews"

It's funny how when you question people who read Counterpunch etc. about how they can pretend to be so open-minded but yet so Anti-Semitic, they say "No, its not about Jews, it's about Zionists"

Zee said...

This post was not about Jews - Snurd. Not every line Mirvat writes is about the chosen few.
This lady is actually multifaceted and not stuck with her head in the mud. I know, because I had a plenty of arguments with her, and by all means we don't always agree ... but we talk and keep the dialog open. Building walls is not the solution.
I believe this post was about lethargy and how it is fostered by media and governments.
The more demented and stupid we stay, the better we can be ruled. May it be by cooperate or national interests. Isn't that the underlaying line of this message?
And doesn't this apply to all of us, in west, east, south and north?
The inadequacies presented in the Middle East right now for example, are just vivid reflective images of the failures of the human soul in general, no matter where they live. So you don't even have to live "there" to be part of that equation. You take part, if you wish to do so or not. There is actually no choice.
So what will it be? Will you doze like a zombie and let indoctrination by media, corrupt politicians and the almighty dollar put you to sleep? Or will you struggle against your overwhelming nausea?
Wasn't it that what this post was all about?

Mirvat said...

you are a piece of work snurd

and yes zee it was but snurd here reflects our failure. thank you for the comment.

transient said...

very funny, that's all I can say about Snurdly. This guy can't be real. Anyway, the reason everyone keeps reading your blog is because you are multi-faceted and your blog is of diverse subject matter as Zee says and its quite interesting, the mix of poetry, reality, love, human aspirations, and a bit of political reflection and not dictating is refreshing.

Mirvat said...

thank you transient, i am stern with some feelings about my people and my country as we all are but it's within compassion and an attempt to understand the point of view of others..hey we try but snurd there calls almost everybody anti-semites so not a big deal really :)

snurdly said...

I was talking about Mirvat's links BELOW her blog entry. Apparently, SHE has to backdoor something about Jews.

transient said...

I would love nothing more than to argue with you Snurdly, but you have your mind set on everything.
Just enjoy the blog and argue when there is a point to argue, you have no solid ground dude.

snurdly said...


I'd love to hear your take on we run the planet but i doubt you can tell me anything I've haven't heard before *s*

Rhiannon said...

Snudgely is knee deep into little green footballs, and the hideous Atlas Shrugged [sic] [sic] [sick].

Now if you want to witness brazen anti-semeticism with impunity go to those sites. They hate, despise and LIE about Arabs and Iranians on those sites. Totally - TOTALLY ANTI-SEMETIC!!

Snudgley! I suggest you contact the ADL and complain about little green footballs,, and Atlas shrugged! Maybe we can get some of those anti-semites thrown into jail with Ernst and David!


However, I don't have a clue as to why snudgely is moaning about Counterpunch. There's no Antisemeticism that I can find on Counterpunch. Quite informative, well written, and at least they tell the truth about Hezbollah. And of course Hezbollah is not only a Party of God, they are a SEMETIC Party of God.

Snudgley....didn't ya know?.... that Hezbollah is a SEMETIC Party of God?

snurdly said...

rhiannon-- look up the origin of the word "anti-semitism" and let me know what you find...a little homework assignment...a little hint...the German who coined it up wasn't talking about Arabs and Persians...