Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Back to the region
It seems that we go into denial every now and then. Call it survival mechanism. If i don't read the news, they don't exist. Lebanon is not in turmoil still and Palestine is stable. Even more dangerous the proactive political sites that refuse to see and reflect the truth and all the truth. In Lebanon, things did indeed stand still. The sterile process of splitting the goods or the calm before another blow. We will wait and see. In Palestine, the silence is always deafening. Headlines that don’t abuse you and flash in your face only hide a fake stability. Every lack of reporting tells you that something very wrong is happening or will happen soon. What you don’t hear about is what you need to know. The lack of noise in the mainstream outlets, as we all know, only means a lack of spirit and a lack of resistance on ‘our side’. Trying to run away from the silence again..
So what do you call peace for peace?


Zee said...

"If i don't read the news, they don't exist..."
So true for the majority of us.
I am trying god damn hard to join that majority for a little while. I need a break.

AM said...

Oh you're still checking?

snurdly said...

Oh finally it's not another girlie blog entry... *s*

Mirvat, a cold calm isn't always a prelude to violence. It just means all-out violence may be only one murder away. So, a cold uneasy feeling of a lack of action is still better in my opinion.

The link at the end....why would Palestinians build on land that they have no permit for? Who did they buy the land from? I'm not disagreeing with anything the article said but the details are left out. I got from the artcle that Israel seems to be trying to "colonize" through demolition, but if houses are going up without permission then aren't also the builders trying to "colonize"? Each side seems to be playing the same game: The Palestinians build just so Israel can destroy (suicide building in order to demonize Israel). The Israelis destroy in order to punish (like the wall).

Mirvat said...

i like the term suicide building. clever. otherwise i disagree with everything you said as you can imagine. permit? are you kidding? don't you know how impossible it is for them to get permits. don't you know that the settlers building on occupied lands are obviously in the illegal? don't you know a lot of palestinians own lands that they can't get back?
do we have to start all over again every time?
should they just live on the streets?
hey snurd, what do you think about the Israeli Committee Against Home Demolition? is it just uncalled for?

Mone said...

I pray every night and then
For our kids out there
In the Middle East
suffering beyond belief
people argue and put you to sleep
Using religions to fake bombing your dreams
Moses with his stick opened seas
Jesus with his love asked you to be
Mohammed's Salam means peace
Wake up my friends
or at least
pray with me

Rhiannon said...


All you're really doing is showing what you really are, the true Zionist "jew" filled with arrogance and hatred toward people that aren't like you and your tribe. A people [the palestinians] that YOU want the world to hate as well. If you don't get the world to hate the Palestinians, you can't keep destroying their homes, their land, their children.

Some rich and crazy drama, isn't it? You, and your bastard tribe of zionists demanding and preventing permits to a people WHOSE LAND YOU STOLE AND KEEP STEALING.

More fresh hell coming out of that smug little gnarly mouth of yours.