Monday, March 12, 2007

First sign of growing up

when sitting in men's laps puts them to sleep
second sign
when your body can’t catch up with you
when the best part of a late night out is coming back home
when flirting feels merely exhausting and getting men’s attention just irrelevant
when instead of wanting to dance all night, you want to talk and, if ever possible, connect to others..
when you don’t seek approval but you like to surround yourself by social behavior you approve of..
when your 57 year old professor says you became too cynical
The best part of growing up is loving who you are with all the good and the bad and realizing but embracing that it is too late to change and that you like that you can't..


AM said...

I agree!!!

Mar said...

Strongly agree. I love feeling whole, it's inner peace, finally reached!

_z. said...

Is it really too late to change?

I don't like the way I am "growing up". Maybe I am not ready yet.

Bashir said...

now we have to find 'equivalent' signs of growing up for males.

Mirvat said...

too late to completely change i guess.. some tweaking here and there is all you get zouzou bass you don't need it and don't ever change :)

bachir i think it's the same