Tuesday, March 27, 2007

For the time being ...
- What did you have for lunch?
- I grabbed a tuna sandwich from the coffee shop
- I thought you weren’t eating bread anymore
- I was in a hurry. So what’s up?
- I’m leaving you
- Yeah I figured that much
- We’re not in love
- No we’re not. We tried though
- We did. We have a good thing here.
- Great but not enough yeah?
- Yeah. Right?
- I don’t know. I know I love you as much as I can love these days
- That’s bullshit
- Yes it is. Ok then
- Oh well. It is what it is...
- Aha yes. Anyone in mind?
- Not really. Well …
- You bastard
- What?
- See I still feel jealous. I must love you then.
- Na.. We both know how possessive you are
- Yeah you’re right but why am I always scared to leave you?
- Because you also hate change. This has nothing to do with me.
- Yeah true. See how much you know me? Who will know me like you? No we’re staying together.
- We are?
- Yeah. Hey for now at least. I mean I am leaving anyway. Oh did I tell you I’m leaving? Yes I found a job in California and I’m leaving in 3 months. Sorry I haven’t told you about my plans but I figured you were about to leave me soon.
- No worries
- Cool.. You should come visit. It’s a nice place on the beach
- You already found a place?
- Yes I did when I went last weekend
- You were away last weekend?
- See how distracted you are? So I went and found a place. The weekend was fun. We went fishing.. I used to go fishing with my dad when I was a kid…
- Who’s we?
- Oh… Did I tell you I’m wearing my hair curly again?


transient said...

the cool thing about your posts, is that I never know what is real or current. You have a nice flow to your writing regardless of its source. I hope things are not as bad as you write in some of these posts.

Mirvat said...

no things are good. maybe i don't know what's real myself sometimes..

_z. said...


okay at some point I am going to go back through your archive and pick my top 10 mirvat posts... I think this one will be amongst them...

I love this style of writing/thinking.

really? california? niiice.

Mirvat said...

yeah california :) i'm a new yorker at heart but i need to relax for some years you know.. san diego looks like lebanon and i got a good position there so..

_z. said...

eh god speed bannout!

AM said...

Transient is right, this post is beautifully written :)

OMG you write so much, gotta catch up with your posts at one point during the day ... or evening ...

Lirun said...

mirvat is this about us?

i really dont appreciate our dry cleaning being folded in front of everyone..

Mirvat said...

hahaha.. nervous laugh..
no this is the guy i'm leaving for you obviously when you move here!

seriously now i wanted to catch you on msn but was too busy. if you really are in love with the girl you visited here in new york you should move! fuck it! follow her

Lirun said...

she smashed my heart into pieces.. first time im heart broken in 30 years..

a nice generous spoonful of my own medicine.. and i aint liking it one bit ;)

at this stage i have sobered up from the experience and i realise how wrong it is for me..

so you'll just have to come to israel.. hhehehe

Mone said...

I love your writing, flows very smoothly.. thank you for sharing :)

Lirun said...

thanks mone..


Mone said...

Mirvat, in the picture, that guy is blowing you a kiss or is he Yawning?

DA said...


Ask him about his Amsterdam visit last month. We had a great time..

Mirvat said...

did you now?

Bedouina said...

Hey Mirvat, I am a fan, and I live in Northern California.

If you come up to the SF Bay Area, let me know. San Francisco is a real city - it's not New York, but it's a real city. You might get a bit ... bored... in San Diego although the weather is indeed lovely.

Mirvat said...

i think he's yawning mone :)

hi bedouina. i love san diego and i was supposed to take a job offer there till i saw san diego. i know it's not a city like SF but it felt like the right place for me right now.. i'll come visit though :)