Thursday, March 15, 2007

Douleur d’amour

And you had the heart to cheat my heart
My heart that loved you
and guarded you
You had the heart…

And tell me darling
When you planted your nails in her flesh
Did your fingers cringe?
Your fingers that know me
Like a shear blanket have thrown me
When your eyes gazed in her eyes
Where did your tears hide?
Your tears that adore me
Like a secret lover mourn me
When you rested your lips on her hair
Did you smell the desert night?
Did your lips fight?
Your lips that tasted my sweat
That shivered nights as I wept
When you squeezed her in your arms
Did your heart die?
You heart that belongs to me

Did you hear my sighs?
Crimson bed, rotten lilacs
Broken cribs
And cries

A life reduced to mockery
Break down the world
And turn off the skies

You had the heart to cheat my heart
My heart that loved you
and guarded you
Was it all lies?

May your heart forgive you
As mine will …


Mar said...


Forgive but Dont forget though..;)

_z. said...

that's a beautiflu poem/text. nothing new, but that's something i like to keep repeating.

it threw me off a little bit. but I think it is personal, this topic is very tricky.

correct me if I am wrong, but I did not feel sincere pain in the poem. She's hurt no doubt... but 3am bet3atib aktar men chi tene mech hek?

Mirvat said...

it's more complicated than that zouzou bass let me tell you that you're extremely sensitive and perceptive.

Zee said...

thanks for sharing -

Mone said...

love your poem
although I wish
the worlds weren't meant for you
I love your eyes
although I wish
the tears weren't from you

Mirvat said...

thank you mone